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SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Top Case Adapter

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This past week I had an interesting event on the FJ09. I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Parts and Accessory or in the Known Issues and Solutions section. 
I was on my way home from work, exiting off the highway for my house and I felt something hit my back. I immediately reached around and it was my entire top box had come loose.
I pulled over and the adapter plate was still attached to the box but was completely detached form the rack. I took a look and the quick locks had broken. there is a photo below of what they look like and what they should look like. I had less than a mile home, so took it slow and managed to make it home with out dropping the top box off the bike at all. 
I have the SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK with the  and a TraX EVO 38-Liter Top Case currently on the bike. I don't think that all 3 of the quick locks snapped at the same time, I think that they have slowly been breaking, But i have never checked them. (my top case was nearly empty, I had a pair of spring gloves and rain gear. 5Lbs max)
Since I purchased the bike used with the racks and cases already installed I did not reach out to SW-Motech or Twisted Throttle since the warranty in non transferable.  The replacement quick locks are $9.95 each plus shipping. I opted to replace them with <$4.00 worth of Stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts from the local hardware store. I don't need the quick release, I can't think of a time that I wouldn't be at home when I needed to remove the adapter plate. 
I have looked around on the web and on this forum and found one other guy with a similar issue on a VFR Forum. If you have the SW-Motech Alu rack and adapter plate for your bike you may want to take a second to check the quick release pins every so offten. Thankfully the box didn't come off at speed or on a busy road, it could have been very messy. 
Any one else on here have a similar set up and experienced anything like this? 
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Wow!  Glad things didn't get worse for you. 
I installed an Alu-Rack with a Givi Monokey adapter plate on my 900 GT.  I didn't use the quick locks at all...I drilled out the adapter plate holes to fit 6mm bolts and bolted the adapter plate to the rack.  I didn't want the quick-disconnect feature for my V46 box, and this method worked well for me.  

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