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Hi from Wyoming


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Hello, neighbor. Currently living in exile in California (school), but grew up in Jackson, and spent some time in Alpine. What area do you call home?
Had my FJ back up there over the summer, and running around the mountains and canyons is fun. You can pass EVERYONE on Teton Pass. I'd have a hard time putting it away for the winter.
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I am in Cheyenne, so spend most of my riding time in the canyons down in Colorado. I didn't put my Versys away this winter, it has been such a warm and dry winter that I've typically been able to get out a couple times a week. I bought my Versys last August and have put 7500mi on it since then. Just looking for an upgrade from the Versys 650, its a fun little bike in the canyons, but the vibration gets old quickly and at 5000+ ft it is quite underpowered.
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