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Will 170/60-17 Tire Work on a 2015 FJ09?

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Got a nail in my ZRX's rear tire with only 4K miles. So, bought a new tire.  The Avon 3D Ultra 170/60 will be patched/plugged from the inside.  The rear tire on my FJ09 is worn out and I want to try to use the Avon.
Has anyone fitted a narrower tire? 
Thanks, Rick
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Fitting a different sized tire on the bike will change it's profile. Changing the profile changes the bike's attitude. In other words, the bike will turn in differently. Typically if you stretch a narrower tire on a wider rim, you will have a "flatter" profile. That means that it will respond or turn in more sluggishly. It also means that you won't have as much tire to lean onto. Also, tire dimensions are not standardized. A 170/60 =/= 180/55 tire. Find the measured dimensions of the tire from Avon and whatever you have on the FJ-09 currently.
Keep in mind, the first number is the "width" of the part of the tire that can touch the road (tread) in millimeters. The 2nd number is the height as a ratio of the measured width. For example, the height of the 170/60 tire is 60% of the measured width. Manufactures are allowed a small variance in width, so a 170 Michelin isn't necessarily the exact same width as a 170 Avon. That means that although your Avon 170/60 should be a measured 170mm, there is wiggle room for what it actually measures out to.
For the sake of the conversation, let's assume your 180/55 tire and 170/60 tire have true measurements.
That means that your current tire has a measured width of 180mm and a height of 99mm (180*.55=99)
That also means that your 170/60 tire has a measured width of 170mm and a height of 102mm (170*.6=102)
Again, these dimensions change if the rim width change.
On a rim that was designed to properly fit a 180/55 tire, by stretching on a 170/60 tire, you've made the profile flatter. Looks like the 3D Ultra is a more "v" shaped profile, so you've made it more rounded. (read: harder to turn in.)
Also, you've effectively changed the rear ride height. Since you've stretched a 170/60 tire wider, it's actual height is lower than the 102mm and therefore likely shorter than that of the stock 180/55 tire. By lowering the rear ride height and keeping the front the same, you've effectively increased the front rake and therefore made the motorcycle harder to turn in—albeit more stable in a straight line.
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Shigeta, thanks for that in depth analysis.  I will just keep the 170 for when the new rear on the ZRX wears out and put a new 180 on the FJ.  It's my wife's FJ and it's been lowered, so why add anything else weird for her to deal with.
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