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Universal Rider to Rider Intercom


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Just recently picked up a new helmet that has SENA bluetooth in it. Trying to connect it via universal intercom protocol to a blinc helmet... has anyone had any luck connecting SENA to other brands of bluetooth technology via the universal feature? It seemed to pair up, however all I hear is static... thinking I must have done something wrong?
Procedure I did:
Set my helmet to universal pairing mode
Set my wife's helmet to pairing mode
Put them close to each other to let them connect
Both helmets lights went from rapid flashing to intermittent flashing
Could hear what sounded like static through the intercom but could not hear talking
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I bought the Bilt Techno with built in SENA bluetooth, my wife has a Torc Mako with built in Blinc Bluetooth.
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