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  1. @sirepare would you happen to have an itemized list of what tools you keep in this roll? The pics are very helpful, just curious what size the smaller ratchet wrenches are? Also, aprox. how much would you say your tool roll weighs? Starting to prep for a ride up PCH next month and feel I have way to many unused tools in my roll... want to keep my weight down, and only take vital tools that I may need for the trip.
  2. I did choose to keep the Statue of liberty in the Tracer version, because the Tracer has replaced the FJ09 here in the states. I guess I could have left it off, but then the US Tracer owners would have felt left out...
    Great lighting!
  3. Thank you. I was just looking at some boots similar to these. They resemble the boots the Highway Patrol wear. I went down a few years ago and shaved down my ankle bone pretty good. I am a little subjective about foot and ankle protection than I used to be. Right now I wear Joe Rockets Big Bang boots and they are comfortable for riding but extremely heavy for hiking.
  4. Just finished Installing a surprise Christmas present! My wife had forgotten she bought me a Cortech 18Liter strap mount tank bag. Earlier tonight she found it in the closet while putting away clothes. Funny thing... I asked for the tank bag last year? I wonder how long it has been stashed away? 🤔 I should probably hunt around for that GoPro 4 I asked for 2 Christmas's ago...
  5. I am looking for a good pair of motorcycle boots that double as hiking boots. Does anyone have advice for either a good hiking boot that has a strong enough shank for riding or a good motorcycle boot that is comfortable to hike in? It would be nice to not have to change boots when we find hiking spots along rides. Any advice or suggestions would be grateful.
  6. I can relate with the depleted bank account. Just sold off all our Offroad toys due to lack of use and overall expense. I need a better key ring. I have the factory thin metal tag. It gets stuck all the time and is difficult to remove with gloves.
  7. Nice! It looks really good on your bike! I really like the attention to detail on the seat too. (Nice key chain🤣)
  8. racreative

    raCreative 2018 Roadtrips

    Image dump of pics taken on rides in 2018.
  9. No problem. It is some abstract polygonal art. I like it because it is a free form contemporary background and you see it being used a lot as a texture in print and video. Kind of has an illusion of 3-D mapping or topographical landscapes.
  10. Same here. Was seriously considering one... unfortunately did not fit into the budget... yet😀
  11. Yes, the size did change to compensate for larger screens. Also, working on the banner for the dark theme. I appreciate the positive feedback!
  12. I've got the cheap property, light traffic, people are decent, and twisty roads in every direction. But the weather ain't perfect... 4 out of 6 is not bad... what is the job market/ economy like?
  13. Sorry. That sucks when you have to stop riding to work. We have been debating leaving SoCal. One concern I have is the length of riding seasons elsewhere... Not that I'm a "fairweather" rider... but I am not fond of 120º temps nor sub40º.. there has got to be a magical place somewhere with perfect weather year round, where people are nice and traffic is light, where property is cheap, where money grows on trees, and every road is twisty... Anyone know of a place that fits that description?