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New Tracer 900GT owner from SWE


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I recently purchased a Midnight Black Tracer 900GT. I’ve been browsing around this forum before my purchase and getting some nice tips and tricks for the bike. I live in Sweden. Previously I’ve owned a KTM 990 Super Duke but since I’m about 6’6 I was not too comfortable riding this for longer distances. I was about too buy a pre-owned KTM 990 SMT too be able to do some longer rides when I came across the FJ-09/Tracer 900. I decided to go for the new 2018/2019 model and went for the GT since I wanted side bags and heated grips (very useful in Sweden ?).
I recently installed the Yamaha license plats holder along with LED indicators to clean up the rear. I had to modify the brackets a bit to be able to fit the side bags and avoid using the included extender which comes with the kit.
Here are som pictures with and without bags:
I also installed an Arrow titanium thunder exhaust to hear to CP3-engine roar a bit more
Looking forward to share and take part of experiences from equal riders and bikes
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Next thing on the list is to update the software in the ECU to match the arrow exhaust and play around with throttle maps, AIS etc. I might do some tweaking to increase air inlet flow aswell.
Future plans to increase comfort include new bar risers, clutch and brake levers, new windshield (even in the highest position, I struggle a bit with winds. Again, being 6’6 brings a bit extra work to get things right when riding bikes) and maybe new seats.
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Velkommen Hussan!
Funny to read that you've also owned a 990 Super Duke. I had one (
P1000760_web.jpg ) with almost everything in carbon fiber, including the fuel tank (until it cracked multiple places while riding!) .. I loved the Super Duke, but it was a pain to take any long trips because of the bad mileage. My bike had the 14l tank and I maxed out at around 12-13km per liter. So I had to get gas all the time.
Thank you so much for posting the license plate holder! I was afraid the bags wouldn't fit with it being shorter.
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Currently on a trip in Norway, the roads here are amazing! This is how the Tracer looks like next to a 6’6 / 2 meter rider grin.png
The super Duke was a really fun bike in many ways,  but the Tracer is definetely an upgrade, especially riding position for me is way better. Sometimes I miss the low end torque from the twin-engine. 
The indicators didn’t fit between the side bags from stock, even in the narrowest position. I had to cut the brackets and move the indicators approx 1,5cm on each side.
I’m thinking about installing comfort seat for longer rides. My a$$ is hurting alot after a whole day of driving.
Kennydies: yes, I’ve sen that the risers are a bit pricey, I don’t know if there’s any cheaper alternatives. I’ve also been looking at new handlebars, but I like the idea of being able to adjust the position with the risers. It might be a winter project.
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