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New from the Netherlands


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I'm new to the forum en bought two weeks ago my MT09 Tracer (so it's called in the Netherlands). What a great bike! I bought another windshield (a Puig, light smoked; Puig smoke) and it works perfect for me. I'm 1.89m long. Also bought the radiator guard from Cosmo and the mount for my Garmin from Cosmo. Now it's behind the windshield and not on my steering wheel.
For daily use I removed the side-cases. 
I'm reading for about tow weeks on this forum and I like it very much! I read lots about the windshield for example. It helped me choose the Puig. In the Netherlands is a company where you can test with different windshields. You have to mount it yourself and drive. Afterwards you may buy one.
Here some pictures:
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Hi and welcome to the forum Rogier, a lovely looking bike you have these.
What a great system for choosing a new screen, I wish I had that option locally, (I'm in the UK). It would certainly avoid the usual situation of ending up having to buy 3 screens before you find one you like!!
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Yes, a great approach to selling windscreens. I have an extra V-stream now. Are the accessory lamps on the front of your Tracer? Welcome aboard.
Hi, I don't know what you mean but the front lamps are stock Yamaha. The windscreen is great but moves when riding on the highway. But it's not irritating.
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