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  1. Nice job @andersh, how is the 'reach' to the Sat Nav in that position? Cheers Steve
  2. Welcome floyd, can't wait to see the pics, glad to see another UK owner on the forum. Cheers Steve
  3. Welcome Jakob, I hope your new Tracer makes you happy. Cheers Steve
  4. Welcome @the traveller I know you'll enjoy the GT, cos' I LOVE mine! (Once you've changed the screen that is 🙂 ) Great to see more UK riders on here. Cheers Steve
  5. @sp0okz welcome to the forum. What colour GT? Any farkles on it yet? Cheers Steve
  6. Nice ride, thanks for sharing.
  7. Welcome @dave sutto nice bike (mine's in phantom blue), I haven't seen the black version, any chance of a pic? Cheers Steve
  8. @Seawatcher how tall are you? I'm 5"6 (short-arse) and have fitted the Puig touring screen (with deflector 'lip') and it cured the awful wind issues of the OEM screen for me. Cheers Steve
  9. Doesn't qualify for the Competition my bike is parked by the Cafe but you can't see it but a significant bridge ...Pegasus Bridge
  10. Welcome @Strommer what machine have ya got? Cheers Steve
  11. Welcome @pgeldz thanks for sharing a great story, so pleased that the GF was happy with your plan, well done. Hope you both continue to enjoy the GT. Cheers Steve
  12. Bu99er! Having contacted the seller they do not think it'll fit the GT! Back to the drawing board. Cheers Steve
  13. @johnakay Oh Wow, you might have just solved my problem, brilliant. With this solution I can use my existing Givi kit, many thanks. Have you had any concerns about strength of the rack? Any issues with weight limit etc? Cheers Steve
  14. I started with this camera it is excellent for the price https://www.7dayshop.com/products/evodx-ultra-hd-4k-sports-and-action-camera-with-remote-30-piece-accessory-kit-limited-bundle-deal-ds-236-ev-013
  15. @johnakay on a completely different subject and shamelessly hijacking your thread......What top box and rear carrier is that in your pic? Is it the Yamaha set? What literage is the top box. I'm going to get a rear carrier and topbox for my GT, I like the 'integrated' look of the Yamaha rear rack (as it look slike the exisiting grab handles) but already have Givi boxes and monokey plate, which aren't compatible with the Yamaha rack. Cheers Steve