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  1. Hey @bowlin01   I just turned on your status updates for you. You can now post status updates, share things, posts or whatever on your profile and to other people by putting an @ before their username

  2. bowlin01

    Tyre Pressure poll

    33/36 - UK, wet and cold
  3. bowlin01

    900GT Top Case mounting

    Hey murf, could you post some pics please? I'd like to see how this set-up looks (I haven't yet decided whether to put a top box on my GT as the back end looks high so have always thought a top box would look ridiculously so). Cheers Steve
  4. Hope it fits, but won't the 'pointy' part of the black fairing prevent the SW-Motech bars from attaching to the radiator?
  5. bowlin01

    Cleaning a blue GT ?

    Hi, This is the method I use, I find that the Phantom Blue paintwork doesn't require any special treatment, it comes up lovely! I still can't seem to attach images to posts, but here's a link to my blue GT freshly washed, the blue looks mighty fine!!! [/img] Cheers Steve
  6. bowlin01

    Another UK newbie.

    The potential issue is that the vibration makes the SatNav difficult to read (the heavier the SatNav the worse the issue can be) I think that's why they publish a recommended max weight. However, we all know that manufacturers tend to err on the side of caution which is why I asked if you had any issues. The issue was demonstrated by 'Critical Rider' (who I believe is a forum member) on an earlier model here Cheers Steve
  7. bowlin01

    Another UK newbie.

    Kennydies, can you please do a review once you've used it a few times? It has been discussed on other threads on the forum but the recommended weight limit is only 200g (from memory) so I've steered clear as the TomTom is 420g without mount etc. So I'd be really interested to know whether you find it ok in use. Cheers Steve
  8. bowlin01

    Bought a Tracer 900 GT today

    Welcome to the forum Kew, I was in South Wales on my GT recently picking up a few landmarks for the Round Britain Rally........funny, it was raining then too! :-) Cheers Steve
  9. bowlin01

    New 900GT. Worcestershire UK

    Hola jesterrich, Glad you are enjoying the GT (managed to do my 600 miles in a weekend before I took it on a trip I'd already booked) a few of us Brits have managed to meet up so far, hopefully once the better weather arrives next year we can get more of the UK forum members together. Cheers Steve P.S. Blue is the BEST colour! :-)
  10. bowlin01

    GPS Mount

    Mike, take a look at this thread if you haven't already. https://fj-09.org/thread/7404/garmin-gps-kits If you mean the fitting kit referred to in this thread the 'old' version will not fit because it relies on the screen mounting holes which are different on the GT. They have a new bracket (also referred to in the thread but it's not recommended for units above 200g) Cheers Steve
  11. She'll be reet Vic, got my thermals on and the Sun has melted most of the ice /frost on the roads now. Cheers Steve
  12. If anyone's around on Monday there's going to be a couple of us meeting at Shuttleworth Cafe for brunch at 11am before going for a shortish ride to either Woburn Triumph or Ducati in Cambridge for a coffee. We won't be out for too long and be heading home by 3pm. Shuttleworth is close to the A1 in Beds near Biggleswade. Anyone's welcome to join us. Cheers Steve
  13. bowlin01

    Another UK newbie.

    Yes and yes! link link I'm a shorty (5"7') and it works great for me. Cheers Steve