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  1. Vic, thanks for the pics, they look great, I think I'll be getting a set soon. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi Squonk, Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the Tracer. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Vic, Would you mind posting some pics of the Givi crash bars please? I'm trying to decide whether to go for these or sliders. Will be organising another meet up at Old Warden soon, I'll keep you posted. (I do realise hat there are pics earlier in the thread, but as I 'know' Vic's bike it would be nice to see the crash bars on it). Cheers Steve
  4. Welcome to the forum Harry, should be up in your neck of the woods later this year on the Round Britain Rally, looking forward to some great roads! Cheers Seve
  5. Please also ask him whether he's going to sell them to us. Thanks Steve
  6. Here in England it rains so often that our skin has evolved to become waterproof. Easy. Cheers Steve
  7. Oh I like the look of that! Many Thanks for sharing MIckey63 I think I'll get one of those, it looks like it brings the box 'forward' compared to some other racks (which I like). Cheers Steve
  8. motopumps : That looks great! If the design is successful in testing I might get you to ship one over to the UK if costs aren't prohibitive Nice Work Steve
  9. https://puig.tv/en/tuning-motos/windscreens-for-fairing-bikes/touring-screen-with-visor?bike=21240
  10. Welcome, keep your eye out for another UK breakfast meet if you are near the Bedfordshire area Cheers Steve
  11. I've had my GT since May 2018 and I've always mounted it in the way you describe, only had one mishap when my foot slipped off of the metal footpeg in really wet conditions. (Must get around to fitting the rubber topped ones).
  12. Welcome Tripletrouble. glad to see another UK owner visit, have you put your pin in the Owner's map yet? There are a few UK members here and a few of us have met up a couple of times for breakfast at The Shuttleworth Collection in Bedfordshire, which might be a trek too far for you, but keep a look out in the UK sub thread of the European Owners section for any future meets. Enjoy the forum, ride safe. Steve
  13. Even after fitting an extended rear hugger I still get a lot of muck thrown up from the rear tyre. Has anyone tried/ fitted the Givi splash guard? Does it help or is the water thrown up from somewhere else?