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  1. Yes, do it all the time. One thing that does annoy me though, how do you 'move on' to the next display/ item having zeroed your trip/ fuel etc. I have to wait for the zeroed item to stop flashing before I can change display/ screen etc. Is that the only way? (To wait until the flashing stops) Or has someone smarted=r than me figured it out?
  2. Puig touring sreen with adjustable 'lip', doesn't look great (very big) but does the job very well.
  3. @Discovertheworld that looks interesting, please update us when you've had a blat on the Autobahn and if it works please post dimensions or a plan so we can copy your idea (or better yet make me a set please 🙂 ) Hopefully this will solve the buffeting problem. Cheers Steve
  4. @WastedMind3500 I gave up on Garmin several iterations ago as Basecamp was too cumbersome to use (it may have improved no end by now, but I have no experience of it). I have had two TomTom units (origional Rider and the 450, which is the unit I use now) and both perform well, however, I find it is the supporting software which makes the difference. I use the Take Your Route Everwhere (TYRE) software for planning routes which is super simple to use, packed full of features and free (I choose to pay because it is a great bit of kit and I support Jan the develpoer, now if I pay for something you KNOW it's gotta be good! 🙂 ) The advantage of using TYRE is that it doesn't force you into using gpx. format (although you can if you wish) it allows the use of TomTom .itn format which for me has useful advatntages. The main one being able to set multiple destinations in one trip which show up on the TomTom in the navigation pane, so I can see time distance to next destination as well as whole trip. (i,e, Cafes, lunchstops etc) The other big advantage is that the TomTom tells you when you reach these destinations rather than just letting you ride on by without notification. (Essential for geting to Land Marks on the Round Britain Rally). When using itn. you have to transfer the route to the TomTom via SD card rather than bluetooth, but that doesn't bother me, but TomTom accepts it as a route rather than a Track which has lots of advantages for me. I can, should I so wish, use the TomeTom MyDrive app for planning and transfer or tracks to my TomTom, but that just produces a route (with waypoints) but the waypoints do not 'show up' on the TomTom (you could just ride by that cafe witjout noticing). Similarly .gpx files can be handled in this way and both can be transfered to the TomTom by bluetooth using this method. So for me at least TomTom is the winner because it is so easy to use with the TYRE software which lets me use either/ both TomTom tracks or routes as I choose. BUT it is the TYRE software that makes it really do what I want (i.e. forcing specific routes between destinations, multiple trip destinations with 'notifications', time and distance to next destinatione etc.) Hioe that helps Cheers Steve
  5. All my bikes (including my GT) are permanently connected up to Optimate 3 or 4s, always have been, no ill effects whatsoever. Cheers Steve
  6. If you are looking for dividers for certain top boxes then his guy make some inserts which get good reviews Items for sale by markk1126 | eBay Shop eBay for great deals from markk1126!
  7. I have just ordered a Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest after watching Ryan's video on YT, some interesting comparisons between differing types of airbag types for thos of you considering a purchase.
  8. @roy826 those mirrors look great, please report back on how they work out (any vibrations/ field of vision issues etc) Many Thanks Steve
  9. @TomTracer I installed lowering links to my GT and haven't had to alter the sidestand, as long as you are on level ground or ground sloping down to the left the standard side stand is fine. Getting it onto the centrestand is a little more difficult than it used to be but is still managable. Cheers Steve
  10. @dazzler24 would this system work with the oem valve stems do you know? Cheers Steve
  11. @Bazzer, welcome to the forum, hope you 'll find it useful. great to see another UK rider joining up. What bike have you got? Cheers Steve