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  1. @GazC Hello and welcome, I see you went for the best/ fastest colour! 😄 enjoy and ride safe.
  2. Me too! Clocked up the 10K miles today
  3. @Suu KyiI think they mean your forum name "Suu Kyi"
  4. @jdavis some lovely bikes in those pics thanks for sharing, sooo jealous that you've been allowed out of Lockdown! Cheers Steve
  5. Perhaps contact lenses when riding would help? Cheers Steve
  6. @racreative no worries, you are welcome. The Pinlock inserts work perfectly so long as you install them correctly/ carefully. I've ALWAYS used them on all of my helmets, but of course I'm in the UK so spend most of my time in damp/ foggy/ wet conditions! 🙂 Cheers Steve
  7. Have you looked to see if Pinlock do an insert for your helmet?
  8. I alway wave to anyone on motorised two wheels and generally get some sort of acknowledgment (not always a wave, sometime a nod). But HD and BMW GS riders rarely wave or nod back I have found.
  9. Took the cover off, wheeled it out of the garage and ran it up to temperature, wheeled it back into the garage, put the cover back on 😞
  10. @Wintersdark that looks great, please post some pics of it 'in action' when you have a minute Cheers Steve
  11. Hola, As we are all in lockdown, how about a photo of your bike in the garage 🙂 🙂 ?
  12. "...Your Mother was a hampster and your Father smelt of elderberries..." Classic.
  13. oh go on then, isolation induced internet shopping is a terrible thing, I'll order one now. Thanks Steve
  14. Thanks for the replies @mickey63 and @betoney Not much louder you say? Might be better off with the (slightly) louder compact version then? (Although that doesn't mention 'plug & play' functionality). hhmmm...will have to ponder a bit more, the oem horn is useless!!! Cheers Steve
  15. Hi All, another day in Paradise Isolation ! Can anyone who has fitted the Denali Soundbomb Mini 113db Horn to their GT please tell me whether the oem horn has "blade style electrical connections" as it states in the product requirements? (I'm not able to go and look at my bike as it isn't in the same place as I'm isolating in ) If not, what is involved in successfully fitting this horn to a GT? If so, is it REALLY a simple 'plug n' play' as advertised (I'm always a little sceptical of anything being advertised as that easy). Thanks in advance for any useful input. Cheers Steve