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  1. No, it's not the angle, you can fit several small children in it 🤣😁😂 and a small car, an elephant and a Schuberth helmet
  2. Took her out for a wet and windy ride, still loved every minute of it! (and enjoyed the bacon bap even more because of the bad weather) 🙂
  3. Silver top and bottom gets my vote, looks great
  4. Fitted the Denali Soundbomb Mini horn. Noticable difference, well worth the price, simple plug and play, easy to fit, highly recommended.
  5. Most end up changing the oem screen, some the seat, and the footpegs. Enjoy your bike, I hope the weather stays fine so that you can enjoy her.
  6. @HGP61 Sounds like a great ride, slightly worried that you are taking pictures of the rear end of sheep 😆
  7. @DavidS I haven't had to remove the side [panels since I fitted the bars, so I can't answer the question. I have unfortunatley #tested' the crash bars (low speed drop on the right hand side. No damage to the bike only grazed the crash bars and he rear number plate. So they work fine.
  8. I chose the Heed bars over the Givi bars, the Givi ones look better but the Heed ones give more coverage/ protection (IMO). Either will protect your bike just fine. Cheers Steve
  9. @PowerMalc Welcome back to the motorcycling family and welcome to the forum, the bike looks great. I'm sure that you'll have great fun with it and nice to see another UK rider joining the Forum. Cheers Steve
  10. @ucwinters enjoy your new bike, I also fitted the Heed crashbars and are really pleased with them.
  11. Yeah Super Sausage used to be great, but has gine down hill in the last couple of years. I stil like The cafe at Old Warden Shuttleworth Collection or Jordans Mill (slightly expensive but top quality)
  12. Welcome Andy, great to see another UK rider joining the forum. Enjoy your new bike (once you've changed the awful oem screen that is 😆) Cheers Steve
  13. I'm inbetween Hitchin and Luton, so I'm sure your wife will know the area. I still see MK as firmly in the "Thar be Dragons" section of the map 😄😆
  14. Picture of my GT900 in front of MK Stadium (Milton Keynes Dons Football Team). Next challenge? A picture of your bike in front of a watermill.
  15. Not tried it, but coincidently saw this video on such a product recently