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From South Australia


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Hullo, all. Don't know how I missed this forum - a prolonged geriatric moment most likely...
My silver '16 Tracer was bought new in July '17, the '17 model not being available here until much later. Yamaha Australia. Sigh.
Currently, it has 18,000 clutch-rattling km on the clock, mostly racked up in the local hills. Apart from the rattling, growling, vibrating non-slipper clutch, I am very happy with my bike. It does everything I need it to easily. Routine servicing is easy, I find, though valve clearances will be dealer-only for me. I've mostly grown used to the matte paintwork, a first for me and I'd rather not have it on my next bike!
I've ridden and owned bikes non-stop (except for 6 misguided months at age 19) since I was about 10, which is an embarrassingly long time. The one thing I've learned is that you NEVER know everything about motorbikes. Or how to ride them. 
Cheers everyone.
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