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DIY Diagnostic IAP sensor cable


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owdy all, trying to get to the bottom of an engine problem and need to perform the test on the intake air pressure sensor. 
From the Haynes manual:
B*ggered if I'm paying £90 for a little bit of wire! Seems to me I can make my own. Based on the wording in that test, does this look like a suitable schematic? 
I'm better at mechanics than I am electrics.  
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You'll need to back-probe the connector and measure with a VOM instead of using the jumper harness specified. This requires back-probe connectors, NOT your normal multimeter tip points because you will damage the connector! Paper clips ARE NOT a good substitute either. You need to use something thinner like a T-pin or needle.
What year is the bike? Is there an active DTC?
All 3 wire FI sensors are 5v reference, ground, and signal from the sensor back to the ECM. BK/BU is ground provided by the ECM, BU is 5v reference, and the other wire is the signal which will be something less than 5v when engine is running. You can disconnect the connector and you should see voltage and ground on 2 of the wires when key is on. (this may also trigger a DTC, just so you are aware.)
It's easier to check sensor operation in DIAG mode. This can only be done with a charged battery, or you will be kicked out of DIAG mode. Honestly you should only be troubleshooting a running problem with a battery that is >12.5V anyway. If the bike is 17 or newer, you will not be able to use DIAG mode to check operation.
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Sorry, should have specified that if I make my own I'll be using proper connectors.
And btw I just re-read your post, and your above diagram is fine. Wire color isn’t represented accurately but I’m sure your aware of that.
Remember there are 2 sensors as well.
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