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FJ 09 Windshield Info Thread


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I was thinking, wouldn't it be really useful if there were a thread that compiled the dimensions of aftermarket windshields and their usefulness for people of specific heights?  I think it is widely acknowledged the windshield is the one big weak point with the FJ 09, which means many of us will set out to replace it.  But it's hard (and expensive) to determine which model will work for a specific person.  
If you have an aftermarket windshield, would you be willing to post the name of the shield, the shield height (the distance from the top two screws to the top of the shield, your height (and inseam) and whether the shield worked effectively for you?
I have a Vstream on order, so I'll post the info as soon as it gets here.  In the meantime, I have the stock screen, which is 11" high (from the top two screws).  I am 6' tall (30" inseam).  And the screen is completely ineffective.  It keeps some of the wind off my chest, but that's it.
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