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wider brake peddle????


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Easy peasy
Cut a piece of aluminum the size of the pedal but another half inch wider made out of at least 040" thick aluminum
Clamp it to the pedal and drill two 1/8" inch holes concentric through both about 3/8 to 1/2 an inch apart centered on the pedal
Then pop rivet from the top the extension piece to the pedal you may want to consider putting washers on the other side of your holes are not tight
Then get some peel and stick non-slip tread material preferably rubber-based used for stair nosing excetera and clean and stick it to the top surface of the pedal extension
I've done this on a few bikes where I've added lowering kits
You may need to lower the pedal slightly if you know how to do that to compensate for the thickness of the pedal extension I like my pedal a little lower anyway
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