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Alternator output


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Can anyone tell me what the alternator puts out please. Done a search but nothing shows up.
This is what I found: Electrical
Ignition: TCI/32-bit ECU
Charging Output: 415 watts max.
Battery: 12V 9.1AH
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Anybody actually found out how much draw is std on the FJ MT09? I don't own one YET or I'd check. I would think ohm meter on, ah negative side of battery cable (electronic wizzes please chime in). If output is 415 watts max, I wonder how much std draw there is? Adding farkles until known is a gamble I would think unless Yamaha lists factory electronic accessories. Heated grips have a pretty decent draw while on high. I added heated grips, driving and fog lights to my ST1300 which had an actual alternator and not a stator. That bike had plenty of charging power in reserve for accessories.
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