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Crossplane Concept


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Can someone tell me what the Crossplane Concept is, I've read about 4 cylinder Crossplane's but how does it work on a three cylinder.
All the Yamaha spec's mention the concept but thats as far as it goes.
Any thoughts.
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It’s a bit dated, and the cliche use of ‘paradigm shift’ makes we want to punch their marketing guy in the throat, but this Yamaha video from 2009 does a nice job of explaining the 90 degree crank throw orientation for the crossplane four in the R1, and the power delivery benefits versus the conventional ‘flatplane’ crank in most inline fours.

With the CP3 triple, however, it’s honestly Yamaha cashing in on the Crossplane hype they (rightfully) generated with the R1. All triples since the dawn of time have technically been crossplanes, with crank throws evenly spaced 120 degrees apart (vs 90 in the crossplane four).
It may not be unique, but it’s still a gem of an engine... :)
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It was one of those conversations in the pub that everybody had their own take on it, still love the engine even if it's not a true crossplane crank,  I've never had a triple before.
I moved from an FJR1300, really enjoying the GT feel and all the toys  ;)
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