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neat 12V/5V USB socket added to my Tracer today

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Fitted this to the Tracer today but it will fit on a GS or many other bikes
Combines 2 parts from Ebay, the fag socket plug (red LED showing
left of clocks) is plugged into the accessory socket. The dual socket
with 12V for my satnav and a 5V USB socket for my phone is clamped
the the handlebar. The clamp came with 3 rubber strips which can be inserted
as required for different diameter bars.
The dual socket is a slide on fit to the clamp so can be easily removed to
stop it getting pinched. It is supplied with a screw on base which provides
a flat surface to use the sticky pad supplied to attach it to another
flat surface.
Both sockets have rubber caps. The kit is also supplied with a rubber boot to
slip over a standard USB cable to provide a waterproof seal.
View with plugs inserted - Garmin 2610 "car" lead with speaker and a generic USB cable
View from side:
Ebay parts:
plug with switch & LED 99p http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271758749374
socket with clamp etc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/390662618749
both come with long leads so strip to length and solder together. I covered the
joints in self amalgamating tape.
Both items have a fuse.
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