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Hi, big yamaha family here
my wife and i started fooling around with dirtbike a few years back( pair of ttr 230). This summer after a massive brain fart i attempted to jump a dirt pile about 10 feet high, wich was very stupid of me since i already had major back issue. I try to get the most experience i can while medication still numbs my back. I got major air, wich was pretty cool, but the landing totally sucked, it landed hard on the front wheel on some rocks. The case got punctured and my cross tendon in my knee got streeched pretty bad, one of them is permanently severed. My doctor knowing i am kind of a all or nothing kind ofguy suggested my dirtbike career was at en end. So i haven’t touched the ttr since other than repairing it, my father in law herited it from me. My wife wanted to keep biking with me so we waited for fall price, and she picked up a 2018 mt09 and a demo 2016 fj09 for me. Adding two bike in the yamaha collection we have here. My insurance asked me if i was a dealer lol, we have quite a few toys around, what can i say, got to keep busy when you cant work. So my younger son has a 2012 ttr 125, the older son just sold his breeze 125 and bought himself a bw scooter, my wife has her 2009 ttr 230 and the mt09, and i have a 2016 wolverines rspec fox side by side and my new 2016 fj09. My fatner in law also keep myold 2013 ttr230 here.
So, presentation being made i hope i can help other and learn on this very nice forum. I am very good at a lot of mechanical and fabrication, being a retired navy marine engineer. Patiently waitingfor spring in 17 week! Here are the pictures, enjoy
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