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I see Brosh is back as a vendor


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Just wanted to repost my review from last Summer of their riding pants for those that may not know about Brosh Kevlar gear.

I bought a pair of gray size 38 Kevlar cargo pants with the CE knee armor inserts.

Of course, the very first thing I had to do was put them on and go for a ride to check them out! Just got back and thought I'd do a little ride report.
Short version: Perfect!

Fit - sizing is right on. I wear 38 waist 32 inseam jeans and the cargo pants fit perfectly. Perhaps just a whisker long in the legs, but that's a good thing for riding and fitting over boots. 10/10 on the fit.

Quality - Initial impression of materials and workmanship is very good. Zippers and velcro closures appear to be of excellent quality. Sewing and seams all look good. Belt loops are well spaced and fit my gun belt well (I carry when I ride).

Comfort - Fit is generous in all the right spots, armor pockets and inserts work well. Very comfortable when seated, knee armor stays in place without any pressure points - basically goes unnoticed. Cargo pockets are well placed and roomy without being bulky. Likewise with the traditional front and back pockets. Weight seems a bit much as you handle them, but is not noticed when wearing them. Material seems quite wind resistant yet was comfortable in 80° weather.

Other - An unexpected benefit is that the material doesn't slide around on my Corbin seat like the regular denim jeans I usually wear. I expected the problem to be worse (in fact was a tad worried about it) not better. I feel much more planted in the seat. Kudos!

Suggestion - The only change I might suggest, and it's a very minor one, is a velcro closure at the ankle. The legs fit very nicely over the tops of my boots but it might be handy to cinch them down a bit as the weather cools off.


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