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Will these fit?


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I think they will. You will need adapter plates for any aftermarket lights. Company's like rizoma sell five different yamaha adapters because the stock outline on the body work is tear drop shaped. Rizoma also sells wire adapters because every bike brand uses a different wire connecter. You could just cut them off and use a butt connecter. But I noticed one of the rear indicator wires on my fj is buried under a bracket. It's easy enough to unplug and reconnect but if you cut it off it may be difficult to re connect a spade or butt connector. It's probably a good idea to buy a set of wire adapters so you can leave the stock connectors intact.
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Or just cut them downstream from the connectors. Might need to anyway if you have to do resistors, which I'm guessing at $3.88/pair you'll probably need to add on.
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