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Hello from California


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Guest eatpasta
Picked up my FJ about 2 weeks ago  I've got about 350 miles so far, hoping this recall gets fixed soon so I can hit the road. Probably have to get on the slow, heavy heavypieceofshet until the bike is fixed  
 hey!  Congrats on the bike purchase.....Im hoping you can get back on the road asap with the new ride.
   From what part of the state are you?  There are a bunch of us in the greater Los Angeles area and they do a few rides now and then.  You can find a few thread about it in the regional area.
As far as the auto correct on the (H)arley - as you have already noticed we enjoy poking a little fun at different brands of bikes.  We poke a little bit of fun at all bikes here - but it's all good natured.
   Post up some pics of the bike when you get a chance!
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Guest eatpasta
From a little north in Bakersfield. Had to try the (H)arley thing twice just to be sure, nice touch.
We make fun of everyone and try not to take too many things too seriously.... 
 Im sure you're glad its cooled off a bit!  Im sure you're not looking forward to summer though
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