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  1. Since I got too much time on my hands (if your company is looking for an IT manager in their french/european subsidiary, feel free to contact me 😉), I did a photoshoot with my 2015 yesterday:
  2. about that: does someone know what are they using in MotoGP (or F1)? Considering the number of crashes they go through during a season, you'd guess they're being pretty serious about their helmets (even though thankfully, it's rarely the head that take the hit - but still)?
  3. Welcome here! Great country for riding and the FJ is the perfect bike for that. I had the chance to do a road trip in the North Island in 2012 (on a rented VFR), loved it. I'd move there in a heartbeat if I got the chance.
  4. Same here: VFR 800, a bit on the heavy side so I wanted a lighter bike but what I was really looking forward to is a more upright position... and to go back to the 3 cylinders engine (I had a Triumph Street Triple before the VFR. Kept it for 5 years, 70 000kms)
  5. Well, I can tell you the bags aren't anywhere near waterproof neither... Back to the old school method: put the content in garbage bags first
  6. Bought them and am not too pleased with the rain covers: first ride (4 hours) 1 leaked, the other one... well have a look for yourself:
  7. Anyone has tested the Sena 10U or Cardo SHO-1? Way too expensive for my needs (I only use mine - Q3 - solo for a - legal - anti-speed camera application and occasionnaly for music on long trips. I could even get away with a 100€ Qz) but I'd be curious to hear about it. The Sena Comes in for Shoei GT Air/Neotec/J-Cruise/Schuberth C3/Arai, the Cardo for Shoei only. They're more discreet than the other models.
  8. RAM mount seems to be the most known brand but for my part I've been using this one for over 5 years and 3 different phones and am pretty happy with it: http://ultimate-mobiles.co.uk/Consumer_Electronics/Mobile_Phones/Samsung/Galaxy_Note_5/motorcycle They have various mounting options and tested waterproof cases (no, I don't work for them ;-), they're not even in my country)
  9. I really don't understand why it doesn't keep the last used mode, it would be so much easier
  10. That's right, and an improved one: still too expensive for my butt though ;-), it will have to get used to the OEM for now
  11. ouch, 456€, that's pretty expensive compared to a custom one made by a local craftsman
  12. good catch! Just went to the french website and same thing: