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Icon MH1000 women's jeans


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My wife announced to me after a short ride a few weeks ago that something "clicked" and she wants to ride with me more.¬†ūüėĀ

While we took the MSF course 20 years ago together, she's averaged maybe 20 - 30 miles annually as a passenger since then. 

I wanted to upgrade her gear a little. I found CE armor for her jacket and Icon jeans at Revzilla. My older riding pants have Kevlar or Cordura liners under heavy denim. Newer jeans have abrasion resistant materials woven with the denim. They are claimed to have all of the abrasion resistance with twice the breathability as the older style pants. The Icons have Cordura woven with the denim. The pants feel almost as heavy as my two layer riding pants. 

They also have CE rated D30 pads in the hips and knees for impact protection.

Maybe most importantly fit. It's perfect for my wife. It matches her dress size exactly. She has fashion jeans that don't fit as well as these. They almost look like normal jeans, just a little bit wider at the hips because of the armor. Otherwise you can't see that they are different unless she is bending her knees and then you can see the knee armor. 

She should ride in them this weekend. I hope she never crash tests them. But they definitely pass the fit test. 

Icon SMH1000 women's riding jeans

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