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Wheel Bearing Sizes?


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Is there a list anywhere of the FJ-09's wheel bearing sizes in the standard metric bearing nomenclature, rather than Yamaha hieroglyphics?

I keep a fair assortment of metric bearings "in stock" for the vintage and modern metric bikes I deal with regularly. That way, a tire change doesn't spiral into a week-long wait for parts if I discover a bad bearing. (If you take a little care, dust seals can be re-used indefinitely, and in any case a missing or lightly mangled dust seal won't immobilize the bike or make it unsafe to ride.)

Here's what I came up with in a flurry of cross-referencing for a 2015 FJ-09. Has this been done before? Any corrections?

Front: two 6203 bearings (17x40x12mm)

Rear Right: 6204 (20x47x14)

Rear Left: 6004 (20x42x12)

Sprocket carrier: 6205 (25x52x15)
I had to chase this one across several cross-references, so it's the most iffy.


I'd feel, you know, just slightly more warm and fuzzy if this list is correct. As it happens, these are all very common sizes in Japanese motorcycles that I already have on hand.



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  • 2 years later...

Few years later and no replies... I'm giving this a gentle nudge upwards to see if anyone has verified the above.

I'll confess I've installed... well, a LOT of tires on my FJ-09 and not once did I think to stop and look at and measure the wheel bearings to answer my own dang question.

But I was reviewing my bearing hoard the other day, and started wondering again...

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Dang it! I just finished putting new tires on my Tracer about 30 minutes ago. If I had only known............

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