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Anyone w/a Tracer 900 GT near the Treasure Coast of FL? Stuart, West Paslm Beach, Vero


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on: Today at 06:00:15 PM

I'm thinking of selling my FJR1300 and moving down to a Tracer 900 GT. Problem is there isn't a dealership w/in 3 hrs that has a Tracer on the showroom floor so I can't tell how well it might fit me. The FJR has spoiled me in a lot of ways w/its excellent fairing coverage, comfort, adjustable windscreen and cruise control. But the 650. lbs of bike weight gets to me & I get tired of pushing the thing around.

So I'm looking for someone who might be willing to allow me a test sit or ride, where we swap bikes for a short bit to see if I can adapt to the T900GT lifestlye. 

Any takers? 


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