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Barkbuster handguards on Tracer 900 (not GT), 2019

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I want to share some details on installing Barkbusters on a Tracer 900 2019.

  • The instructions say you should reuse the M8 Washer from the original handguards.  I never found that washer...
  • The left one was easy to install, nothing to do besides follow the instructions.
  • The right one is a bit trickier:
    • you have to remove the brake master cylinder assembly.
    • then install the Barkbuster support.
    • and reattach the assembly.
    • another critical point, if the support is installed too high (or rotated up to much), it will interfere with the brake lever.  So make sure you leave enough space for the brake to operate properly, by rotating it down.


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