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  1. I added factory hard cases to my 2015 as part of some upgrades for its new commuting task. The plan was also to get an Aerostich one piece. Although I like the bags, they're not very big, I'm skeptical one side could hold a whole suit, and my whole commuting plan is shot if I can't lock up my suit with the bike. Any Aerostich owners here with factory cases who can let me know? I could get a 2 piece and lock each half up on different sides, but would prefer a one piece. Thanks!
  2. I have a hairy commute in heavy traffic and my main concern is reliability. Would a hydraulic clutch be less likely to fail during a commute? If so I might upgrade for that reason alone.
  3. Dropped by my local Yamaha dealer this morning to grab a replacement stock battery for my 2015 which I needed ASAP to get to work on Monday. No complaints about the life span of 4 years, but $183 for a new one? I'm sure there are less expensive alternatives out there I will research for next time, but the gouging annoyed me.
  4. My local Japanese motorcycle mechanic who knows a lot recommends gear lube.....the downside - as his experiment indicated - it makes more of a mess of my back wheel
  5. I've started commuting across the Bay Bridge into SF on my 2015 and its a great commuter bike.....nimble and tall enough to be seen by cars, the hard bags are kind of small but narrow for lane splitting. Commuting mileage for the last few tanks has consistently been 38mpg, given the traffic it rarely gets into 6th gear.
  6. I finally installed OEM hard saddlebags on my 2015 to start commuting on it daily to a new job. They're solid and well mounted, but kind of small, barely hold the top/bottom halves of my Aerostich in each, so don't see how a one piece could even work. But the important trade off is narrowness which is critical for the daily California lane splitting. They're no wider than the handlebars, and I don't even think about them being there when I ride. But if you live somewhere without lanesplitting i'd suggest a hard look at larger cases.
  7. Red or matte gray (or graphite or whatever its called) was a tough choice for me but I chose red and am glad because its really grown on me. I like the black and silver for 2016 but I don't think as much as red, it gives the bike a splash of color that the others don't provide
  8. I don't think its a matter of the bike having too much power for a returnee to the sport, anyone can use throttle control, its more important that it fit you and not be too tall and/or big and imposing. If the FJ feels that way, Honda has some nice 500s that might be a less stressful ride, or consider the FZ-09 or fz-07.
  9. [div align=left]Just got back last night from an 1100 mile Northern California ride, crossing the 4000 mile mark on my FJ. After droning up I5 rode hwys 36, 299, 89, 44, 139, and some rough Forest Service roads (15, 49 136, 73) through Lassen. Modoc, Shasta, Trinity, Lava Beds parks.. Over the fourth of July I did 1500 miles in the same general areas, motorcycle paradise! After some apprehensions at buying this strange bike, what is it really, a sporty standard? ... I'm falling in love with it, and the thing I like the most is the torque in gears 3, 4, 5 ....On tight roads you can leave it in 3'd, on slightly less tight roads you can leave it in 4th, and on wide sweepers can leave it in 5th, and in A mode it just RIPS. I learned on 80 miles of 15mph gravelly washboard forest service roads that it's NOT an adventure tourer, and will keep it on real roads from now on. When I first got it I left it in B mode, which is pretty rough, then started leaving it in Standard mode. What I came to appreciate on this last ride is A mode, what a difference, engine is smoother, and so much power, even sounds better. A problem I'm having is speeding tickets, the first one came before the plates arrived, and god bless the officer for letting me off with a warning on this trip. It's almost impossible to stay within the speed limit on these empty highways, just prior to the warning at 85mph I'd been cruising at speeds up to 110mph. 85mph really is where it likes to settle in, and where I got my ticket and warning. The only thing that needs improving is the seat, sure feels hard at 100 miles, padded bicycle shorts under the leathers are a big help, but not the ultimate solution. A lot of complaints about the windshield, but my Shoe helmet with earplugs is very quiet and aerodynamic, I haven't felt the need to move my screen from the mid position.
  10. I'm not sure you'll be happy with the stock suspension on the FJ, so might end up spending $ on that plus the cost of the new bike. I'm not trying to discourage you from an FJ, you won't regret having one, but I liked my Bandit too, about as much, for the different reasons mentioned in my earlier post.
  11. I had a 2003 Bandit 1200S before my FJ and switched because the riding position on the Bandit was starting to hurt my bad knee. The FJ is more comfortable in terms of peg-to seat distance, the pegs on my Bandit were surprisingly high and cramped. The FJ is more fun on twisty roads because it is lighter and has wider handlebars for faster turning. The engine is gnarlier and rougher and more peppy on the FJ, I liked the smooth top end rush on the Bandit. The Bandit was much better - more stable and better wind protection - at high speed (90mph+) cruising because of its weight and less upright seating position. If you're not riding a lot of tight twisty roads and are out west or somewhere where you can ride fast, perhaps keep the Bandit and save your money, I miss mine at times. If you're looking for a more upright and comfortable bike to ride on smaller roads with a livelier feel, the FJ is more fun. Overall given the resale value of my Bandit was so low, if not for the ergonomics and my particular physical issue, I would have been happy keeping the Bandit and saving the $.
  12. Ditto on the Shogun frame sliders. They aren't quite long enough for me to treat as pegs, but I can rest my heels on top of them. At under $50 they are a bargain compared to many other brands as well
  13. I'm loving my new FJ and take it out every weekend, I've put over 2500 miles on already in less than a month, but for commuting to work and running errands I still prefer my Kymco scooter, nothing beats a scooter for zipping around town. Tires last forever, no chain to oil or sprocket to wear, much lower maintenance, 70mpg, little risk of tip-overs, and its nice leaving the FJ sit protected in the garage while the sun fades the Kymco sitting outside all day at work. I paid $1200 for my (used) scooter 5 years ago and have ridden it to work every day since, when it goes I'll buy another immediately.
  14. I'm very pleased with the fuel economy of my FJ-09. Fresh from its first service I took it on a 1500 mile ride over the 4th of July holiday around northern California. Maybe 1/3 of the trip was the twisties (hwy 36, 96, 299, 32, 89, 44, 70) where I took it easy and focused on technique, 1/3 near 100mph on empty highways, and 1/3 droning around 75-85 leaving and getting home. Overall mpg for the entire trip was 51.6mpg. On the 85mph highway drones I averaged 44mpg, and on those curvy segments where I took it easy, I got over 60 mpg (64 was highest tank). I hit over 60mpg on 3 tanks so don't think it was math error multiple times. I do think mileage improved when I stopped riding in B mode, but not positive.