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  1. Thanks. This bike was planned on being a keeper but then life happens and then it sits. Built it to what I thought Yamaha should have done with the bike from factory. If anyone has a y questions be happy to answer.
  2. 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 8971 miles (Red) Super clean original owner. Commuters dream and sport touring warrior. Fully adjustable suspension from Traxxion Dynamics (see below) 2wheeldynoworks ECU custom Flash Tune (i.e. Much smother throttle response, more power, better fuel economy, removed speed limiter, and much more) Broken in with conventional oil then nothing but Mobile 1 Racing 4T fully synthetic oil. Comes with 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 factory service manual. All FJ-09 recalls performed at dealer (CCT, Trans Input Shaft, and Handlebar) All maintenance completed at dealer List of all accessories and upgrades: Genuine Yamaha Accessories Hard Saddlebags $920 Genuine Yamaha Accessories Heated Grips $291 Traxxion Dynamics Penske 8983 double adjustable rear shock $950 Traxxion Dynamics AK20 Full Adjustable front forks $1300 Seat Concepts Front Seat and Rear matching cover $167 New Michelin Pilot Road 4 Rear Tire $170 New Michelin Pilot Road 4 Front Tire $145 Givi E84 Backrest Pad for E450 Top Cases $38.70 Givi SR2122 Top Case Rack Yamaha FJ-09 2015-2016 $71.10 Givi top box E450 $195 Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control $137 2wheeldynoworks ECU custom Flash Tune w/ free lifetime reflashes $349 Radiator guard $100 Comes with: Spare clutch cable (3) Windscreens and deflector Battery tender Tank bag I purchased the bike brand new from Romney Cycles out of Romney WV. She has been garaged the entire time I have owned the bike. I am NOT parting out the bike so please don't ask. It's being sold complete or not at all. Photos: FJ-09 - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM
  3. Looking good Tommo. Did you end up having to do something similar to push out the Kaoko? Just curious the route you took.
  4. It does fit with the guards but requires a bit more stretch with the heated grips. I loosened all the hardware that mounts the hand guards to get as much slack as I could but it does require a bit of flex from the guards. Yea, I used a much cheaper version of this but didn't like the grip real estate it took up. I originally tired to buy it direct from Kaoko since it would have been much cheaper but they don't sell direct to the US. Unfortunately the distributor takes a nice hunk of markup and it ends up being far from cheap. Ill be back with a solid opinion once I have some miles on it.
  5. New farkle, of course I had to give it a spin. It does work but I really need some time with it before I can give it "the seal of approval". Levers are new as well and also getting used to them. Since I mostly 2 finger my way through the controls I figure I try the shorties. The brake I picked up at motomummy, best price. The clutch was a PITA to find since out of stock everywhere. I ended up caving in and paying full price from ASV. I can say this about them so far, the short clutch I instantly liked. The brake, may be in my head but feels like it requires more effort to stop hard. May end up getting the standard size for the brake if it bothers me. ASV F3 clutch short - CRF340S ASV F3 brake short - BRF341S They both bolted up with no clearance or interference issues.
  6. Just finished up the Kaoko install. In the end it wasn't that bad. The toughest part was finding a sleeve/spacer with the correct ID and OD. With the spacer I'm losing some threads that screw into the end of the handle bar but with a bit of blue threadlocker it should hold just fine. Your going to need a 12 mm hex wrench to get the factory bar weight out. Tough to call it a bar weight since its made out of aluminum and weighs next to nothing. Luck enough I already had the 12 mm hex from the heated grips install. Help justify the cost of a tool I thought I was only going to use once. Then screw the Kaoko into the end of the handle bar w/spacer. The Kaoko has flat spots on the end so you can crank on it with a 17 mm box wrench. The sleeve I made was cut down to about 8.75mm. I lost the bag so I cant remember the original dimensions but Ill dig around for it. I picked it up @ tractor supply but any hardware store should carry it. In the end I was looking for 2mm gap for the friction nut to screw in and out. A gap that Kaoko specs in other kits they sell.
  7. Well just got the Kaoko Throttle Lock YAM650 in the mail from Twisted throttle. Looks good but I'm in for some fun to get it installed. Those with Yamaha heated grips, like me, this will not fit unless your ready to do some modification. Apparently the throttle tube sticks out further from the bar on heated grips and the non threaded sholder is not long enough on the Kaoko to keep it from hitting the throttle tube before you have a chance to torque it down. I'm going to make a spacer to torque the Kaoko against so the friction nut has space to spin freely. Wish me luck. Those that don't have Yamaha heated grips will simply just bolt this thing on and call it a day. It will push out the hand guard a bit but should work in the end. Here are some pics: Once I have it all done Ill put a write up together with pics.
  8. Welcome Bobby. Hopefully you live far enough from the city to stretch her out some. You'll love the bike, congrats! What color you go with?
  9. No idea. But Twisted throttle says the 8 units they ordered already are all already sold and accounted for. So at least 8 mysterious FJ-09 owners will be rockin them soon. Lets hope for pictures. In 6-8 weeks ill let you know how mine looks.... Looks like it should work
  10. Kaoko has them but located in South Africa. I tried to order one direct from them but just got an email telling me I was refunded and they don't ship direct to USA. They referred my to their US distributor, Twisted throttle.com Not currently in stock @ twistedthrottle but they have a bunch on order. 6-8 weeks for delivery. Currently $135 Its not listed on the TT site but you can call and ask for Kaoko YAM650. Listed for MT09 tracer / FJ09 w/OEM hand guards. Should work but haven't seen one on the bike yet.
  11. Picture gone again Answered my question but may be useful for other.
  12. Thanks you much ULEWZ! Why remove the dog bone? interference? Still loving your suspension setup?
  13. Looking into the Penske 8983 for my FJ-09 and had a few questions on where adjustments are made. Probably a suspension novice question but here goes: Did I get this right? Also can the ride height be adjusted with the shock installed on the bike? Thanks!
  14. Just installed the FJ-09 Parabellum Flyscreeen and I will be writing up a full comparison between the Parabellum and the Ermax Sport screen once I put some more mileage on both. So far I can say this: The Parabellum Flyscreeen shown is the tint model and offers similar wind protection to the stock FJ-09 screen with substantially less buffeting and cleaner air. Cleanest air is in the low position and shoulders are hit with very light wind. I would say the body is pretty well protected. I was surprised how effective it was for its size. I also rode with the Ermax sport screen. Also do like it. But I would say the upper body is less protected from the wind than the Parabellum. Also the Parabellum can be used in all three adjustable heights with out hand guard interference. The Ermax can be used in low and med positions but in the high position the hand guards interfere during full lock of the bars. Until I have more time with both Ill say both are a drastic improvement over the stock screen when it comes to buffeting and noise. The Ermax I would consider possibly a better choice for HOT summer with more wind exposed to the helmet. The Parabellum Flyscreeen seems a better choice for more wind protection even in cooler weather especially the upper body/ shoulders. I'm 6ft with 32" inseam w/ Shoei RF1100 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B294YeaOYXiBWkpCYVhtNGxnU3M/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B294YeaOYXiBbk1wZHU3eGFQT0U/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B294YeaOYXiBZWxuLXZQcjJTcEE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B294YeaOYXiBTlJmMFc0OEJmbFk/view?usp=sharing
  15. Good meeting you Moto and thanks for the Ermax sport screen. Worked out great and was exactly what I was looking for. Goodbye ugly stock screen hello clean air!