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  1. Yep...Rode Wentworth Springs the last couple weekends. Great road for sure!
  2. Thanks for sharing...I haven't made my way up there yet. I should just do it.
  3. The adjuster knob on the bars (for the most part) really only adjusts the lever tension/distance and degree of pull/travel (based upon the setting of the adjustment screw on the right side near the motor. The adjustment screw on the right side near the motor really makes the biggest impact of the tension pulling from the clutch plates. (regardless of clutch lever adjustment, the adjuster screw at the motor tightens/loosens tension on cable from motr side = too long of cable, can't disengage clutch plates fully, too short of cable, clutch might not fully engage clutch plates in proper gear). (at least this is how it what described to me)
  4. Have you tried adjusting the clutch cable on the right side located down by the motor? This along with the clutch perch adjustment should work.
  5. Good to know. Thank you. not a fan of it not being symmetrical, but glad it's a non issue....haha
  6. I came across another thread in the Tracer 900 section that got me thinking. Below are a couple pictures of the front wheel (left and right) showing the difference in spacing from the couplers (spacers) sheen in the factory manual. It appears that the left side (non-ABS side) there is a gap between the coupler and the fork. On the right side (ABS side) the coupler is flush with the fork. Is this the way it is or will this need to be fixed? The manual doesn’t show a clear picture.
  7. I like the shorty levers on both. I have small hands and shorter fingers so they work great for me. short vs. standard length on clutch (for me) has zero difference on one being more/less easier to pull. But the short lever allows 2-3 finger pull to the bar without crushing the remaining fingers.
  8. I got the RC2 shorty for my 2017 from RevZilla. According to their fitment chart, these should fit your 2016. 2016 Yamaha FJ-09 Parts & Accessories - RevZilla 2016 Yamaha FJ-09 Parts & Accessories at RevZilla.com. Free Shipping, No...
  9. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiigght.....haha. work and the wife's family are the only thing keeping me here. (Well, the weather and plethora of roads and places to ride are a huge plus being in Nor Cal)
  10. I got it from 58cycle.com. solomotoparts.com also has it, but they couldn't ship to California. Attention Required! | Cloudflare
  11. As stated above,...yes. I'd suggested getting a second pair of hands to make the task easier. I removed my stock exhaust with the center stand still mounted. It took some work and finagling, but I was able to do it myself. If I had to do it again I'd enlist my wife to help.
  12. Man...I should have waited and saved myself $0.01. Dang it! Just kidding. Thanks agin you guys for all of your communication. I'll be installing mine that you just sent back this weekend.
  13. Just to clarify and to confirm you were replying to me,...it's a Two Brothers Racing exhaust system. It's in their "Storm series" and the model is the "Cyclone". It's a "race exhaust" and is meant for closed course. Therefore, it probably won't pass government inspection/regulations. (I.e. Here in California, it is not "DOT approved".) So not sure what your regulations are out there. Two Brothers Racing does make a compliant exhaust, the "S1R". Check them out.
  14. I went with the Two Bros Cyclone storm series full system for $549. I can't tell you how it sounds since I'm still waiting on my ECU. But I've had Two Bros on a couple other sportbikes, and I really liked them. There's also a couple different decibel killer inserts you could choose from.
  15. Was wroth a double check,...but that's a big negative, ghost rider. The MT, FZ and XSR are all different. Even looked through a couple years. I also called a couple salvage yards and came up empty. Shucks...out of luck on that. Looks like the long wait and high price will soon begin.