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  1. Just to give an update...yesterday I picked up my 1st FJ. A white 2017 with hard side cases. I'm looking forward to farkling her out. Beng a 5'4", I'll have to really get used to the taller seat height. I see a lot of empty parking lot slow maneuver practicing.
  2. Needing some help in finding passenger pegs/footrests and the brackets. I just picked up a 2017 FJ, but it didn't come with any and I need them for the misses. So my questions are: -where can I find them? -will I need to go through a dealer just to get the brackets? -is there a brand/style you prefer? Just for some info, she's 5'1", so I'm sure she won't need them lowered any from stock height.
  3. taylormade21

    Loon Lake

    Yep,...took that on a gsxr 750 once. Never again!But there is an all paved road that connects Colfax to Foresthill.
  4. So KBB seems to be pretty spot on a $7,500 for private pay. I know CA prices are always a little higher than other states. thanks for your input and confirming my suspicions that it was high.
  5. Hey everyone, I just recently joined and my intro is in the intro section. So, I need some advice and want to know your opinion on purchasing a used 2016 FJ-09. Below I've included what's in the for sale post and want to know if it's worth the price being asked which is $9,000 2500 milesCustom gel seatGPR steering Damper Garmin GPSAlways covered in garageBought brand new and serviced at K&B MotorsportsLED turn signals front and rearLicense plate relocation kitAdjustable brake and clutch leversFactory hard bags with locking kitFrame sliders From the pictures, it looks very clean, but the price seems quite high. Even if I were to talk him down to let's say, $8500....is that price worth that bike? Because I'm new to the FJ world, I just don't have a lot of experience with them. thanks in advance.
  6. Hey everyone, I've been looking around on this site now for a couple months now and finally decided to create an account and introduce myself. I've been looking into purchasing my 1st FJ for over a year and I think I've finally decided to pull the trigger. I've been ridding sportbikes and doing track days for the last 15 years. But doing weekend rides of over 300-400 miles in a day is getting old and tiring. Hence....the FJ! I'm out in the norther California are where there are plentiful of beautiful roads I want to enjoy more comfortably. I'll be posting a new thread shortly in hopes of getting some feedback and opinions on a used bike I'm interested in and wanting advice if the price is right. -Mark