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  1. Recently went over the 12,000 miles on my 900 GT. It has been everything I thought it would be. I'd been riding a 95 Seca II for over 20 years and I had somewhat lost the thrill of riding. I started wondering if it was me or the bike, plus the Seca starting having a carb issue I could not figure out and was getting tired of chasing it. Funny thing is, after I put the deposit down for the Tracer, I found the problem which was something I created but didn't know it. So simple too....right there in front of me the whole time. Anyway..... Started looking for a suitable replacement. The FJR was just not by style, but I noticed the FJ09 was pretty close to what I was looking for. I went and sat on a 2017 and liked it except for the bars and seat....nothing aftermarket would not take care of. I then read about the 2019 Tracer GT 900 and the changes that were made to it. It was as if Yamaha read my mind on the bars and seat. I also wanted a bike I didn't have to add anything to, cept maybe suspension. My track bike has a quicker shifter, so I knew that was one thing I for sure wanted and I also wanted a fully adjustable suspension. 12,000 miles later.......it has been what I was looking for. It has brought a new thrill to my riding. I've found that sense of joy, pleasure from riding that had diminished somewhat over the years. The only things I've added have been fork preload adjuster stars, but I'm putting on new levers this week. And thats it. The best handling improvement was a change of tires which was due to the different front tire profile. I thought cruise control was kinda silly on a motorcycle........until I started using it. It is quite useful in alot of situations. In the hills where I ride, it is not unusual to come up on a pack of car just cruising.......I'll set the cruise at about 1 MPH under the packs speed and just have a nice leisurely ride without any throttle input....just flow...... I like that it can go slow well, easy and in comfort.........and then really haul ass well, easy and in comfort. It can drone down the freeway all day long, yet when the twistes are encountered, it doesn't disappoint in performance or handling. That 850 motor is just a joy. I haven't found its weakness yet in the power curve. It pulls from down low real well. That reminds me of the 95 900ss Ducati I had. Big twin torque with the revving capability of a inline 4. Something I've noticed about the motor is that it doesn't feel like the same motor when I first got it. Its smoothed out somewhat, power comes on different which made me wonder if there might me a mapping change at a certain mileage. I went full synthetic at 7500. Not sure that had anything to do with it. I can set cruise for 30 in 4th, and it just motors down the road...no issues, no surging, no nothing. I've even had cruise set for 35 in 5th riding on a road with small ups and downs and the motor just did its thing without any complaints. Then again, I can spin it up to high revs and it still doesn't complain....its just does it. The Tracer 900 GT came along right when I needed it.
  2. So, who is up for some rides......Anyone want to do a Sierra Pass ride? Ride up in the Santa Cruz Hills Ride out to the Junction for some good eat Ride HWY 1 Just ride........
  3. I was station at Moffet Field .....73-77 and 79-83. I've taken the stairs inside Hanger 1 and Hanger 2 up to the roof top. Actually sat under the rotating beacon on Hanger 1 and smoked a joint. Took the wife for her first time ever drive on Mines road out to the Junction at 130 this weekend to show her what I ride on at times. I could tell how far the drop off was on her side by her reactions. Its such a fun road on a motorcycle......
  4. Heres a snap of a portion of Mines road heading out to the Junction....a eatery out in nowhere, but some interesting roads to get there
  5. There are some great roads up there. Many years ago, I did a 36, 1,299,96, 3 loop. Its on my list to do sometime this summer. If do the Three pass ride, it will be during the week. Im guessing not much traffic then, and besides its easy to get around traffic.......what double yellow.... Just got fresh rubber and gonna do a shake down ride, then pick the day to go. Be nice if some other Tracer owners would join in. It a long day time wise..but when I did it last year on my GT, the seat time was nothing. I didnt feel as if Id been on a 400 mile ride. The bike was made for these kinda roads....
  6. There is a cable adjuster to take out any slack. Start there. Ive found that most of the jerkiness comes from me. Ive notice that if I dont close and open the throttle quickly its smooth. Its made be alot smoother on throttle use. I thought cruise control was kinda silly..........at first. Ive come to really enjoy having it. Its real nice to just the speed and and just cruise and not always having to be giving throttle input with the right arm.
  7. Each dampening adjustment is made up of two circuits, a low speed and a high speed. Speed being how fast the slider moves based on bikes speed and the bump. The low speed is what is being adjusted with the clickers. The high speed is done with shim stacks. Not alot forks have external adjustment for high speed. Adjusting the clickers is moving a tapered needle valve in and out of a orfice controlling the flow of oil through it. When max oil flow is reached in the low speed, the high speed comes into use. Adjusting the low speed determines when the high speed comes into use. Changing oil will effect both circuits. Heat is the enemy of suspension oil. Alot of heat is created with suspension movement. Implying that how hard and what type of road conditions you road on also plays a role when to change the fluid. Fresh oil is the first thing needed when trying to set up a bike for the street. Just some early morning random thoughts....
  8. Im in the San Jose area....lets go for a ride........Ive had my GT for two years....its a great street bike. I refer to the throttle as dial a horsepower.......only want 20 hp. just dont twist the throttle to far...... If ya still got the stock tires....get rid of them as soon as possible. The best handling change I did was to put on some Road 5s. Wait till the motor really gets broke in. It gets really good.
  9. just to add......you dont have to set the compression or rebound to one of the indent stops. You can set the damping between the clickers stops. Sometimes the righting dampening is between the stops. Little changes have a big effect The springs on the GT are progressive meaning the spring rate changes as the spring compresses. If you add preload, you are changing the what the starting rate is for the spring. The static settings are just a starting point. The type of roads you encounter play a important part in setting up the suspension as does how fast you ride. Where I ride, you can have a variety of road surfaces to deal with. It took alot of trail and error to get mine setup for all the different road surfaces I can encounter on a ride. I can go from silkly smooth black top to a wash board type of road, just by making a turn. One criteria for setting up my bike was how well it soaks up bumps at a lean and a fast pace. It took doing one change, then several rides on the different roads to get a true feeling for what that change did. I weight bout two hundred in gear and still have the stock suspension.
  10. I live in the Bay Area of California.Being retired, I do alot of day rides, short ones and long ones. Looking for others that want to day rides. Here is a idea of the roads I ride: 84, 9, Page Mill, Moody, 35, Stage Road, Pescadaro, Gazo Creek, Jamesion Creek, Mines, Del Porte, 130, 25, 1, and a few more. I"m planing a Pass Ride in the Sierra real soon like this week or next . The route is 108, 395,89,4 ....a good 450 mile day. I did it last year and the GT was made for these types of roads. So, anyone thats up for some rides....post up.
  11. Ive been reading behind the scene for a long time, so I decide to join the group. I picked up my GT in July of 2018, one of the first in the Bay Area and I haven't regretted it one bit. The screen name is from when I had a 95 900ss Ducati. I was everything Ducati back then and the 900 motor reminds me of the 900ss motor. I love it. Raced a 900ss and a FZR400 for abit.