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  1. I used to race AFM many years ago. The call to start my practice session came over the loudspeaker. I went to start the bike, it would not start, just would turn over. I thought the battery might be weak so I had the wife, my pit crew, help me try to push start it. Id run beside, jump on it to try to start it, while she keep pushing. Did that three times......Nothing... At the same instance, we both looked at the kill switch........I was still on the bike, turned it to on and got the hell away as quick as I could. That practice session was just too short........
  2. I took 41 into the valley to see the view coming out of the tunnel and took 140 out. I was not expecting the the grandeur.......nor the ride beside the river. To be sitting beside it where that picture was a taken......nothing more than a wide, flowing stream to a river. There are no words...... 140 is outstanding......
  3. If ya been riding for any length of times, ya gotta have road stories. Like the time I was riding like a bat out of hell trying to catch a group of riders before they reached Applejacks in La honda. Applejacks is a bar on 84 that, back in the day, was a major motorcycle hangout. I rolled into the parking right as they were dismounting and taking their gear off. The place was packed with riders of all sorts. I notice that everyone was looking in my direction which puzzled me somewhat. A quick glance over my shoulder provided the answer........a Sheriffs car had stopped behind me with lights on. Seems the two Sheriffs wanted to have a little chat with me. The driver asked for my paperwork and went back to the car. The other started chatting.....in quite a friendly manner. I was riding a ducati 900ss with some slip ons......it was ducati loud. The chatty Sheriffs first comment was that they heard me coming before they saw me. Next was that he wasnt sure they would make some corners trying to catch me. He slyly asked how fast I thought I was going........my answer 35 mph.....the speed limit. He tried several times to get me to state how fast I was going and each time my answer was the same ......35 mph the speed limit. The Sheriff running my paperwork was done so he came over and as he was handing my paper work back made this statement.... “We could not get a clock on you, but suggest you not to be doing the “speed limit” anymore. “ And away they went. What I didnt know was the size the crowd behind me had gotten. When the Sheriffs drove off and me getting no ticket , I got a great round of applause from the crowd and a few beers bought for me. It was a good day......
  4. Your reply to the wife when she suggest a place to move is......but there arent any roads there....
  5. It is the amount and types of roads that sets California apart from other states for motorcycle riding. Road such as: Highway 1 41 140 120 4 108 89 70 36 96 3 88 25 peachy page mill 84 9 Stage road pescodaro gazo creek 130 Mines valley and many more.
  6. Your cars are dirty, the house and yard needs some work but your motorcycle is spotless and needs nothing.....
  7. After yesterdays ride, I came to firmly believe that California has the best motorcycle roads in the country.
  8. Oh it was only a 436 mile ride.....
  9. Good news..... UPDATE May 6, 2021 : SR-108/Sonora Pass Will Open at Noon Today - SnowBrains UPDATE May 6, 2021 Caltrans...
  10. All three falls, Ribbon, Bridalveil , Yosmite, were flowing nicely, the Merced river was flowing just as nice. Temp was 84. It was busy but not crowed. The first pic is Yosemite falls. The second is the view you see when exiting the Wawona tunnel. The only traffic was a result from tree cutting and road work. Over all traffic was very light.....but then again that was also because of the Tracer power......I make my own passing lanes. Now the real treat was 140 heading out of the valley. It follows the Merced river and is quite a flowing road. The road surface was outstanding leaving the valley. It was amazing to see the size of Merced river increasing as I went downhill. 41 is more like a mountain pass type road. Its road surface was quite well also. Im going again.......soon..hint, hint..got a Senior pass for 20 bucks that covers entry into national parks and such. I got more pics on my camera. These are off my phone.
  11. You are droning across the central valley in 96+ temps in full gear thinking you are on a two wheel dry sauna and needed to lose some weight anyway