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  1. IT FITS! The mounting plate for the FZ09 works on the Tracer 900 rear rack. I will take some photos and add some part numbers later. Some might ask "why would you want the 30L case and not the 39L?"... 1. 39L cases are backordered 2. 30L case is available! 3. 30L case looks good on the bike (not saying the 39L doesn't) 4. 30L case is less than 1/2 the cost of the 39L case. Thanks, Dan
  2. Seat Concepts now offers their kit for the Tracer 900. Has anyone tried one yet? Dan
  3. The 30L top case arrived a few days ago. As mentioned before it will be going on a FZ09 if it doesn't fit my bike. Well, we didn't know it requires a separate bracket to mount to the FZ09 so it is now ordered and should arrive on Tuesday 9/17. So far it does fit the OEM Tracer 900 rear rack but it does not have the rear latch like the 39L or 50L cases. I'm hoping the bracket for the FZ09 will also fit the Tracer 900. If not, it wouldn't be difficult to fabricate one. Basically it is an aluminum plate with a threaded hole that a threaded knob screws into from inside the 30L case. Not as quick to remove as the latch, but not a big deal either. I will update and add some photos if it fits later next week.
  4. Crickets! ... lots of views, no replies. I went ahead and ordered a 30L top case. My friend needs one for his FZ-09 so if I don't keep it he is going to take it off my hands and I'll wait for the 39L case. I will update this thread when it comes in (should be here in a few days). Dan
  5. The OEM 39L top cases are on backorder. The 50L top case is bigger than I want. Yamaha has a 30L top case that is compatible with the FZ-09 and MT-10 and a few other bikes... the FZ-09 rack will also accept the 39L top case so common sense would say that the 30L would probably also fit the tracer rear rack... right? Does anyone know if it will work or not? I'm talking straight mount to rear rack, no adapters, etc. Are there any aftermarket cases that will fit the OEM rear rack without adapters or mods? Thanks, Dan Oklahoma ... Go Sooners!
  6. I ordered the one on Amazon from the seller named Boating Accessories. It never shipped and they didn't contact me to let me know it wasn't available! Beware of this seller on Amazon! I guess I'll just get one backordered.
  7. Thanks, I just ordered one. I checked Amazon a week or so ago and none were available.
  8. Thanks, but I'm looking for cases that will mount to the Yamaha rear rack with no addtional brackets, etc.
  9. All I'm hearing is crickets.......... I still haven't found a 39L case in stock but I did manage to find a 50L. I may need it anyway for transporting my laptop to and from work and when needing extra storage riding two up or longer trips. If I decide it's too big for other rides I might order the 39L case to have also.
  10. I had fork mounted leds on my '12 V-Strom and then on the engine guards on my '14 Strom. I haven't added them to my Tracer yet, but I'm considering it. AdventureTech is in the works on a led mount kit similar to the one they make for the FJ. I'll see how that turns out and then decide where I want to mount my leds.
  11. I have a OEM top rack coming for my 19 GT. They have been on backorder and the same with the topbox/topcase. Has anyone seen one available anywhere? Looking for Yamaha OEM only unless there is an aftermarket option to fit the OEM top rack. Thanks, Dan W. NE Oklahoma
  12. I haven't added LEDs to my Tracer yet but I had some 2" 10w Cree lights mounted on the bracket that held the front fender to the forks on my 2012 V-Strom. I never had any issues at all and they really lit up the road. They were too bright to use anywhere in traffic when pointed straight ahead. I offset them about 5* to each side and just a couple of degrees down. This did not bother oncoming traffic and I still had a HUGE improvement in visibility, especially ditches and treelines where critters like to appear from at night. Hope this helps. Dan
  13. I got my GT flashed by Ivan as well. I was actually the first Tracer owner to get his flash done. Saw on facebook that he just finished the tune and my ecu was shipped to him the next day. I've had his work before. He will get my business again.
  14. I understand what you mean. I offer some items that are 3d printed and I have been asked if I offer the file for sale so they can print their own. The answer of course is no. Ivan may have his flash protected in some other way, it's his software so he would be the one to ask. When I mentioned licensing, I simply meant that the flash is written to the specific serial # of the ecu and can't be copied to others. I might have used the wrong terminology but I think we're on the same page. One of the reasons I chose is because I don't want to be locked into using the same tuner or having to buy a new ecu so I could use another tuner. I've had tuners in the past that did a poor job on Power Commander tunes, I would have hated to be "locked" into using them. I'm sure there are other good tuners, but I've always had good results with Ivan.
  15. Ivan has his own software which is one of the reasons I chose to use his service. He does not password protect the ECU when flashed. I've been told other tuners usually use password protection for licensing reasons from Flashtune, Woolich, etc.