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  1. Details on your frame sliders - brand and where to get them would be appreciated. If it’s not too much trouble a pic or two with them installed would be great. Any downside to them, quality, fit, etc? I was thinking of the SW Motec ones, but if theses work as highway pegs that would be great.
  2. I’m using this and like it. Same idea as yours. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08158SCL6/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_E8JN119NGJ1AG6NPA96A?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I like those. I wonder how hard the installation would be with the wiring and any canbus issuers?
  4. I had the 50 on a TMax and loved it. I could get my XXL Arai in no problem. Not sure what it will look like on the Tracer, but that’s what I’m planning on getting. I see no part numbers yet on the plate, or ‘21 accessories for the Tracer in the US yet.
  5. I think he meant when you try your remedy, watch the temp gauge to make sure you didn’t create an engine overheat issue
  6. I could be wrong. Maybe when I tried without it I had the seat installed incorrectly. I only compared once, and it was more solid with it installed. ‘What you said sounds more logical. I probably just didn’t have the seat in right when I tried without the cap.
  7. Get it. It keeps the seat from wiggling side to side. It’s a minor thing but I’d ask for it. That piece stays installed whether the seat is set to high or low, unlike that piece in the front that is for low position only.
  8. Okay, I went ahead and made a video. Hopefully this helps 😊
  9. The cap is the rubber piece that is on the left side and it covers where you need to slip your finger in to push the lever to release the rider seat. There is a picture of what they call the cap on page 27 of the manual. It just pulls off.
  10. Oh yeah, forgot about the turn signals. Every little bit helps.
  11. I have the new 21 GT. I leave the high beams on in the daytime along with the low beam which is on all the time by default. The lights up above I think Yamaha calls the daytime running lights, and I believe those are on all the time as well. I’m still learning since the bike is pretty new, and I’m not riding it a lot since I am waiting for someone to come out with a non torture seat option. That forward slope and one defined spot the seat forces me into against the gas tank is a real design fail.
  12. I have had my 2021 a little over a week. I have the same issues as I’ve seen in this thread. The main one being the slight slant forward. The foam density is firm, which I like. I have tried shimming the front of the seat up a little. It might have helped a bit. One problem us ‘21 owners might have is replacement availability. I don’t even see ours listed on sites, example Corbin. I’m a Corbin fan and have had many. The Bagster is an unknown to me, but sounds interesting. Maybe save some $.