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  1. If you don’t properly heat up and liquify that red loctite before you attack it with an impact, the hard loctite will ‘ball’ up an damage the threads on the shaft as the nut is turned off. Using an impact on such a job is not dangerous as long as you’re careful.
  2. Yamaha Canada does have them apparently. More $, but I have one coming now.
  3. I take it back. I ordered it, but now am told that it’s delayed indefinitely 🤔
  4. I found some in stock at Babbitts Online. Fits the 2019 tho, may not fit the 2021. Price was right!
  5. Me too. I’m pissed. Cause I waited for the top case to be in stock at Revzilla, thinking I’d order both at the same time. Only to find that when the case became available, the racks were out of stock!! I have t been able to find one either. But, I do hav e a case 😀
  6. So, I took mine all apart. A fairly simple operation as I do have an impact. I can’t tell though, if the clutch basket rubbers are worn though, at least not by hand. I shall try putting it in a vice and gently applying force to see if I have any play there. But, my issue with the bike sounds exactly like what you experienced. So, am pretty sure that an updated basket will solve the issue. I, like yourself, would not trust bolts in that situation, so would rather just replace rather than risk catastrophic failure. It would be nice though, if I could find play in the gear/basket.
  7. That’s good info. Kinda what I figured. I don’t have access to a clutch holder tool. I may try to fabricate something. I do have my old impact, but no compressor big enough to handle it. also, I noticed that the oil pump drive chain is quite loose. Is that normal?
  8. Has anyone seen a video on removing and installing the clutch basket? I am doing this job in the near future, it’s nice to have a video to review beforehand. Especially about removing and replacing the nut.
  9. I owned a 2007 R1200RT for 11 years before I sold it and got my 2019 Tracer. I like the Yamaha a lot, but that Beemer was an amazing bike. Surprisingly agile for a big bike, even loaded and 2-up. Amazing weather protection and the best stock seat and windscreen I’ve ever had. The only mod I ever did on it was a GPS mount. Never had any mechanical issues with it. My wife and I travelled far and wide for many years on that fantastic bike. Life changed tho, and it was time for a bike change too. Will always miss that Beemer tho. Good purchase, I’d say! Enjoy.
  10. I have exactly the same thing happening with my 2019 Tracer GT. I intend to dive in to the clutch once winter arrives.
  11. I think that what happens to my bike is a foreshadowing of what’s likely to happen to yours 😀
  12. I had the same issue at 12,000km. Replaced chain and sprockets, although the sprockets weren’t all that bad.
  13. I’ve run the Pilot Roads on my BMW R1200RT for 12 years. Great mileage running mostly 2 up with luggage. Great feel on all road surfaces, wet and dry. I will stick with those.
  14. Love that area. If the damn borders would open, I’d be there in a shot. Hopefully for Slimey Crud!!
  15. I did the same for my Ontario plate, but I didn’t bother putting the reflectors back on.