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Has anyone in eastern US seen 2021 T9GT in dealership yet?

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Hi guys, long time no post.  Still riding my 2016 FJ-09.  Glad I procrastinated/waffled on upgrading to a Tracer 900 GT, as I'm quite excited for the Tracer 9 GT and almost certainly going to upgrade to one of those.  Just wondering if anyone has seen these making their way into dealers yet.

I've asked a couple of local dealers, but both are big 6+ brand dealers that doesn't really focus on 1 brand and were unsure when they'd be getting T9GTs in, they gave me a toss off answer of probably not until July. 

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I have been looking too.  Yamaha factory test rides are coming to a dealership I trade with in a couple months.  I read the list of bikes and all are 21's except for the tracer.  They say the factory is bringing a 20 model for the test rides.  Seems odd, but that's what's on the website.  image.png.aa948895646f520a76773ca0d59f90ea.png

I'm cross-shopping the new Tracer,  the Versys 1000, and the HD Pan America.  I know they're different, but kinda scratch the same itch for me.  


Ride Safe!

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I went to the same 2 nearest Yamaha dealers this weekend, both said they were only getting a single Tracer 9 GT which was already spoken for and they didn't get to get anymore in this year. 😞


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