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I’m at a loss here. I bought a new old stock Givi PLR2122 side case holder from a Canadian shop on eBay and one of the bolts that connect the mounting pegs to the bike came with flattened threads. So that means I’ve only been able to mount 3 out of 4 pegs to the bike so only one of my new Dolomiti cases can be mounted.

I originally reached out to Givi USA and was told (by customer service rep Mark) since the side case holder had been bought from Canada I would need to reach out to the Canadian distributor. Mark said he’d check if there were any bolts around but I would need to do that in the meantime. I offered to even buy the bolt which is listed in the instructions as a TSPXT M8x40. The bolt is essentially an M8-1.25 x 40 socket head bolt with a low profile small head. I bought the bags in the US.

Since Mark stopped responding to my emails:

-I found the distributor information and sent an email only to be pinged back saying the email address doesn’t exist.

-I have spoken to the original dealer I purchased from and was told to try to find it at a bolt store.

-I have spoken to Givi Italy (accidentally) and was told to contact the distributor in Canada and was given proper contact information.

-I spoke to the distributor and was told they are only an importer and do not sell anything to the public.

-I’ve gone to two Lowes’ and Home Depot and no one carries something close. The bolt is clearly an M8-1.25 x 40 but more importantly the head of the bolt is low profile and small to fit inside the mounting peg.

I’m stuck. If I try to return the side case holder I have nothing to mount my new bags and more importantly it’s going to cost a lot of money to return something to Canada. Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe a spare bolt that would fit this thing? I’m blown away as to how terrible Givi’s customer service has been so far. I’m just looking for ONE bolt.

Thank you in advance everyone.



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I had a similar situation and it was easily solved on eBay.  Just enter the full bolt description in the search box.  I tried it and your bolts seem to come in at about $1 each in stainless Steel.  Good Luck

Ride Safe

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