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How many miles so far?

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I have been trying to keep a good record of all maintenance  and mileage so far and just realized that I put a lot of miles on my bike since Dec.13th,2019! In fact, the counter was on the 24800 mls. mark. Today, it's got 39700. She is my only mode of transportation and I still enjoy riding her even in the sweltering heat and rain storms of Louisiana! What about you all? How many miles so far?IMG_6731.jpg.101176397d413895b59dc3116b407551.jpg

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Got mine 2017 at the end of October 2020 with 7000 km (4350 miles). Within a month  it had 12000km (7450 miles). So I started this season with 12000km (7450 miles) and now up to 32000km (almost 20000 miles). 25000km (15500miles) in 8 months (including winter months in Ontario) without any of long multi days trips or commuting.

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