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OES Frame sliders

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I recently installed the complete set of OES frame sliders. They appear to be qulaity pieces and the installation was a breeze. You'll need both blue and red thread locker. Can't comment on their protective properties but one bonus is that I can actually rest my calves on the middle slider and my ankles on the forward slider - bonus highway pegs! Just need a back rest and I'm good to go across America!  ;)
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Guest spunrdneck
I ordered and installed the forward set only (in red decal trim) and I love the look and the protection- I agree the install was a breeze! great customer service as well... I ordered the yellow trimmed ones and didn't realize this until they arrived- gave them a call and they mailed me the red decals, no charge, same day!
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Just ordered a forward set for mine. Good price, paid almost twice as much for Motosliders on my SV nearly 7 years ago. These look very similar in design and materials.
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