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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
I find the suspension far too harsh for my relatively light 80kg.
Don't know much about fine-tuning it, and the Owner's Manual, while helpful to a degree and well-illustrated, only gives guidance on 'how-to', not 'why'.
It may not be acceptable for me to mention it here for protocol reasons, but may I suggest that anyone else in the same boat should Google <Go-Star Racing> for an extremely simple and helpful guide to tuning suspension.   A printable PDF file is on the site too.   I'm going to follow their guide in hope of improving the dreadful ride I'm getting. 
It appears that Go-Star is a volunteer UK-based motorcyclist group, much into this self-help stuff.
L of S
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Aussietracer you've firmed your suspension up. I'm 70kg and I also find the suspension very harsh on some of the roads that I ride. I've been kicked out of the seat on straights and feel quite unnerved on bumpy corners. Bike doesn't feel planted.
I didn't notice this when I took out a pillion though, whether I was riding a bit slower or the extra weight helped, maybe a bit of both.
I might try experimenting by softening things up one at a time to see what might help.
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