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Went to buy Z650RS drive home in FJ 09

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When I get old I’m going to get a Harley! I’m trying to retire but with so many jobs in my profession I keep getting job offers so took one up in Michigan for the summer. At home I have a Vulcan S and a Versys. I’ve owned lots of bikes in my 71 years riding since 50. 
Joined to get info on the bike and find used parts.

I just adjusted the chain and weird no cotterpin on the axel bolt


My second triple engine and love it. This FJ09 reminds me of a lower lighter Triumph Tiger 1200. Had to sell that to remodel the kitchen. Guess that’s why I’ve been married 45 years! 

Looking for hardcases, better seat and bigger windscreen

Bike has a quick shifter installed and trying to figure out what it does


Ride safely and AGATT saves your hide.





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Welcome to the form. I also was attracted to the Z650RS, if only for that green paint. Let us know what year FJ-09 you got and if the stock quickshifter or an aftermarket model is installed. You can lot of good info that can be found through the search bar.

Try this...


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It looks like a Yam factory shifter. I guess I don't have to use the clutch? Just found out I had it on my 17 FJ 09 by the old shift linkage and box the QS came in.

Just purchased a E450 top case, mount and Givi 2122 tail mount for the box with a backrest. I see that factory hard cases are impossible to find.

So far my only beef is the only smooth low power mode is B but I'm a really slow rider. My Versys 1000 is a lot smoother at low speeds and I keep that one in slow mode all the time.

Damn this bike wants to wheelie but TCS helps a lot.

Looking for a good used Factory Service Manual now.


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