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Dash options?

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Hey I will be purchasing a new Tracer 9GT soon and I am hoping there’s a way to adjust the dash angle. It’s pointed down too much for me and I’m not even tall. I’m only 5’9. Is there a way to angle it up more or is there something I can buy to fix this issue? 

Also any other suggestions would be appreciated. I’m going to do a stage one, the comfort seat, the top box, and the tail tidy kit. That’s all my plans I’m doing right away that I know of so far. 

Thank you!

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Hope to see your new T9GT soon, be sure to post pics of it.

As for the dash angle, there's no adjustment that I'm aware of. It might require a bit of DIY.  But you can change the screen brightness and tach color, thats about it unfortunately. I think once you start riding,  you might get used to the angle depending on your seat height as well.

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