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Yamaha Niken Parts for Sale


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Decided to start a forum dedicated to sales of Niken specific parts since one does not appear to exist. 

For sale are parts from my 2019 Niken GT (all parts listed below were used less than 2000 miles because I replaced them with other equipment). None of the parts for sale have any damage (e.g. never dropped or scraped). Parts are located in Charlotte, NC, USA. PM me directly if interested. Prices are not inclusive of any shipping or any Paypal fees (buyer must pay for shipping and any Paypal fees if not picking up in person). 

A. OEM Yamaha windshield Part number  B5B2831-00-00. Price: $269 USD

B. OEM Yamaha Windshield Stay, Guide 1 for attaching the windshield to the bike (Part number B5B-2831E-00-00). Price $69

C. OEM Yamaha 1 Soft ABS Saddlebag Kit Part number BD5-F84H0-00 mounted with 1 Reflector Kit per bag Part number BD5-F84BA-V0-00. This kit has two saddlebags total.  ($399 USD)

D. 1 Soft Saddlebag Mount (MSRP $399.99 USD) Part number BD5-F84M0-V0-00. This mount will mount both saddlebags listed in C above. ($299 USD)


2019 Niken GT
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