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2021 tracer 9 gt loaded for sale Massachusetts

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Hey guys I’m thinking of selling my 2021 Yamaha tracer 9 gt . It’s got 5,990 miles on it . It’s a hell of a bike and I’ve dumped 3k into it after owning for a few months ,  but I’m just left wanting something more . I’m gonna seek out an mt-10 and outfit it with hard cases and a wind screen and get another Corbin seat (best thing I’ve ever bought ) my Corbin seat made my bike a Cadillac ! 
I’ll attach some photos and please let me know if your in the area and know anyone wanting a beautifully maintained machine that’s already  loaded with everything you’d wanna do to it. 
it’s got a full akropovic exhaust system (1200$) 

Corbin saddle (750$)

pazzo levers 200$

puig touring screen with clip on visor 240$ 

woodcraft frame sliders and axel sliders 200$ 

Ecu flash by bousch racing NJ 300$

and these were all done within the last 2 months so it’s all fresh very low miles on all the upgrades . I paid 12500 for the bike and added all these accessories. 
I’m asking for 13k 

please let me know if your interested in taking a look . 
I got my heart set on an mt 10 new gen so if anyone had something there wanting to talk about making some kind of deal I’m open to talking about it . 
thanks guys ! 

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Good luck with equipping an MT-10 with "any" luggage options, I'm finding little to nothing for that. Might consider a Suzuki GSX-S1000GT, or a Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX? If you really wanna ride wheelies and be a hooligan with hard luggage, than look no further than a Ducati Multistrada. ;) 

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Okay I’ve definitely considered the  Ducati .  But if your looking for hard luggage for the mt-10 shad USA has a really good selection! They sell the cases with hardware as one set up, and if you mention anything about Givi they’ll offer you a15 percent off promo code to get you to shop with them.  I’m most concerned with finding something comfortable for my back. I recently had 2 spine surgeries and that’s why I chose the tracer. It’s set up in a way that I could tolerate much longer rides then on other bikes I tried. So I gotta stay with that style of rider triangle if possible. So yeah multistrada seems like a good choice .  Thanks for your advice brother 

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