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Tracer 9gt 2021


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Noticed last night on a rare for me night time ride. Neither of my led headlamps or cornering lights are working. The daytime running lights are fine.

Had a routine service at the dealers  a fortnight ago. Is there a connector in the cockpit, or anywhere else, that may have been left unconnected? 

I've checked fuses, all good. In fact I swapped every fuse to check there wasn't  a blown one I couldn't see.

I can't contact the dealer until tomorrow. Just wondered if anyone can throw some light on the subject. Geddit ?



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So you have no Hi beam, Lo beam or cornering light working while the engine is running?

4 fuses according to the Lighting section of the book: Main, Ign fuse 2, signaling system fuse, and headlight fuse. The Cornering light system flowchart lists those fuses and adds IGN fuse 1 and Backup fuse 1

i don’t know if swapping them around is a good troubleshooting method unless you have a box of fuses available to swap in. You need to manually remove each fuse I’ve listed and check each one with a VOM or replace all 6. 

After that it’s down to connections: 2 computers and the headlamp module, but obviously other switches play a role here. Dealer software should be able to manually activate the lights in about 30 seconds after the bike is hooked up, so maybe that’s the best course here. It will quickly narrow down the issue moving forward. 

It depends on what servicing they performed, to answer your other question. If they dove deep into the bike for say, throttle body sync/air cleaner, etc then yes something might have been left disconnected. 
Have you installed anything lately? Driving lamps perhaps that used to work fine?


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Thank you for the comprehensive reply Skip.

No, I've not been tinkering with add ons or anything. I checked every fuse available as I was unable to identify the dedicated light fuse.  The service was only a minor annual check, oil change, new filters etc. Dealers reopen tomorrow. I will let them sort it, hopefully. 

I just wondered if anyone had experienced this.



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Strangest thing.

Arrived at the dealer. Dip and main beam working normally. Must have been working when I left home, I didn't check. Nothing for the mechanic to check out. Assured me that cornering lights would work normally too. I will check that later tonight.

I must have disturbed something changing all those fuses.



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