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New FJ-09 ECU serial numbers available to flash!

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Thank you guys for the patience with this technology. We have found numerous ECU serial numbers for the FJ-09. We are working hard to get everyone covered. 
Available serial numbers to flash
2SC-8591A-10 (FRENCH EURO)
2SC-8591A-20 (US)
2SC-8591A-21 (US)
Euro 2SC-8591A-00 will be available soon! If anyone finds they have a different serial number than listed, please contact me. Thank guys! Hope you are loving the results!!! Nels
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Just pulled my tank off to inspect my ECU. I'll be going to @2wheeldynoworks to get mine flashed in person and don't want any surprises. Mine is 2SC-8591A-20, so it's on the list!
I'm in BC, Canada. ECU's tend to be region specific, but it looks like the Canadian and US ECU's are the same.
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