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Battery terminals wrong sides

Grease monkey

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My battery is finished after two years of ownership. After pulling out the battery I find that the negative terminal on the battery which is nearest the tank is connected to the positive cable , and the positive cable furthest from the tank is connected to the negative cable!? How has the bike been running? How has the battery been charging for two years? Can this cause damage? TIA for advice20231027_172313.thumb.jpg.6853fefcdc1f2dda159c4b054b2df418.jpg

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Are you absolutely sure that the battery came out of the bike in that orientation and didn't get flipped around?  I say that because if you rotate the battery 180 degrees and then lay it over on its right side, the battery terminals will then be in the correct orientation with positive on top.

There have been many post of owners here and on the FZ/MT09 forum getting it backward and bike always blows a main fuse if the terminals are reversed.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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