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  1. A local Ace hardware store. I hate any fastener with a Phillips head and when removing the airbox lid I use an attachment for my cordless drill with a Phillips bit to remove the fasteners, every once in a while the bit slips and the fastener heads get ruined. I figured while I was replacing the airbox fasteners, I would replace any others I could find as well. There might be more under the seat or tank but I haven't found them yet.
  2. @Stew - It sounds like you have now discovered the Tracers weakness. First off DON'T sell your Tracer, know that the bike can be made to ride BRILLIANTLY. You are on the right track seeking consultation with a specialist, ask a lot of questions and let them know EXACTLY how you intend to use your bike. Good luck on your search.
  3. Today I replaced all of the Phillips head screws that I could readily find, 10 on the airbox cover and 4 on the left and right control pods. The fasteners on the airbox cover are a convenient 8mm hex.
  4. It was a tire thread on the Versys 1000 forum. Reply #22 Michelin Road 5 or Road 4 GT? - page 3 - Tyres and Wheels I ran Roadtec 01s on my last 2017 Versys 1000, they were outstanding...
  5. @texscottyd - Interesting info I found on a different bike forum which could explain the difference in feel? "The Roadsmart III comes in two versions – The standard is a two-ply front and rear tyre designed to deal with the loads of heavy tourer's and adventure bikes for example. A separate “SP” lighter version, or single ply front and rear, is designed for use on lighter naked's, roadsters and middleweight tourer's."
  6. I haven't used the new Angel GT 2, but have used many, many sets of the original Angel GT and they are phenomenal.
  7. That is a great point, when comparing a brand new tire to the old worn out tire, EVERY new tire will feel amazing.
  8. @johnmark101 - In my opinion - The shock is the weaker component and much more in need of attention. You are fortunate with the GT (compared to the FJ and base Tracer) in that the forks have separate damping in each leg and both legs are 'active'. With a fluid change, the fork action can be altered with different viscosities relatively easy. With a shock rebuild you would still not have the ability to adjust compression damping or alter the ride height like you can with the Penske. One thing to note, if you travel with a passenger and change your preload on a regular basis, the Penske does not have the remote preload option. Traxxion Dynamics built my Penske double clicker and it is unbelievably good. Since money is an issue in this decision, I would consider the Penske for sure, and then a rebuild with their Axxion valves on the forks, that should be a few hundred $$ cheaper than the AK-20's. Axxion Valve Upgrade - Traxxion Dynamics Compression Valve, Rebound Valve, Springs, Fork Seals, and full Service for...
  9. Could the Dunlop possibly have a stiffer sidewall? (or Michelin a softer than usual sidewall?)
  10. So, I'm not sure I'm understanding exactly the issue with the clutch cable, it it too short or the clutch feel isn't what you like? You mention the right hand lock and slack but also mention "the clutch action was shocking". What is the height of the riser from Turkey? Several GT owners have installed risers and I haven't heard any reports of unusual clutch, usually with the higher bar location it is the brake line that gets tight which can be remedied by removing the mounting clamp on the bottom of the triple clamp. Have you tried to adjust the lower adjuster on the clutch cable?
  11. @Wintersdark - Stunning photos! Its about a day and a half ride to Banff for me, I definitely need to get up there for a road trip once the border opens again.
  12. All of them. Seriously, almost all modern Sport and Sport-Touring tires have amazing performance and decent longevity. For every report you read of someone getting 10-12k out of a set of tires, you will also read of someone having them worn out within 4-5k. I would be willing to bet if the average rider tried 4 identical bikes, all with different brand tires in a blind test, they wouldn't be able to differentiate one tire from another. Buy a quality, name brand sport touring tire that you can get for a fair price, they are all good.
  13. Agreed, it shouldn't have altered anything to keep it from lining up. The spacers I have now are about 1/2" thick, I haven't bought or experimented with anything thicker yet. Although I am currently using the short flyscreen for summer, when it cools off or I don't need so much airflow I might experiment with some different spacers to see the effect.
  14. Many riders have used plastic, rubber or delrin spacers on longer mount screws to have the screen sit an inch or so off the mount, this allows a tiny bit of air to flow under the screen. Experimentation is required.
  15. That should look really nice, I always support making your bike "uniquely yours", just something to set it apart from the crowd. 👍 Share photos when you are finished.
  16. It should be doable, worst cast scenario; you might have to trim the plastic a bit with a Dremel tool. Like @BBB said, it could be just spacing with washers and thinking creatively.
  17. Welcome, I'm sure you will love the bike. Here are the instructions so you can do a little investigating before the rack arrives. https://media.givi.it/XN-Prodotti/istruzioni/SR2139.pdf
  18. Interesting. What exactly would a thief want under the seat?🤷‍♀️
  19. I have the same 16/47 gearing, I feel it spaces out the gears nicely. You can still pull a long time in each gear and still comfortably pull 80mph in 3rd. To me, the engine feels more comfortable at or above 5k rpm (regardless of the gear or speed I am traveling) and even on the highway I don't use 6th until above 70mph, usually 75mph. The +2 rear sprocket makes the gear spacing easier to achieve that.
  20. I just bought the Motion Pro tool as well, no need to check the stamped marks on each side anymore, just watch the alignment rod as you turn the adjuster on either side. VERY nice.🏆
  21. @Wintersdark - Very nice bike, I'd love to take one out in the twisties for a day.👍
  22. Lol, mine too, other than being an inconvenience, I never saw the purpose of it.
  23. Was that the white with red accents? I saw an MT07 in white and really liked it.
  24. Very Nice! Did you order both from Traxxion Dynamics? I got my Penske shock from them and it is AWESOME! Definitely share your thoughts on the AK-20's when they get installed, they have been on my radar for a long time. (And Traxxion Dynamics 'usually' has a Black Friday sale)👍