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  1. Agreed. There should be a separate crush washer, usually silver.
  2. @Larz - Thanks for the write-up. I have been considering one as well, (I had a deer strike and am lucky to have walked away) the new Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 vest looks really interesting but I will research all the current offerings. The one thing I am concerned about is ventilation in hot climates. Is there any air flow with a vented textile jacket? Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 Vest Unveiled At CES Alpinestars’ Tech-Air 5 vest adds airbag protection to any properly fitting...
  3. If the battery charge only lasts a day, it sounds like its time for a new battery. If you have a multi-meter, check the battery. How to test a motorcycle battery - RevZilla How do you know if your problem is really your battery? How do you know...
  4. I am really surprised that a "seat company" couldn't make a proper fitting seat for a bike... that's all they do. Even their latest revision, while it looks more comfortable, doesn't fit the lines of the tank, its like they got it 95% built and decided to chop the front at a blunt angle and leave it unfinished looking. I hope you like the T-A seat, I have not heard one negative review on Terry's products.
  5. At least here in North America, the T7 isn't due to hit showrooms until this summer, not sure about the rest of the world.
  6. Same engine, yet 2 different descriptions, ya' gotta love Yamaha service manuals.πŸ™„ (spark plug replacement intervals, torque specs and chain slack?) I think this is one of those common sense things, holding it level or having it on the center stand on level ground...? The only difference is using the center stand is infinitely easier and more convenient. Not too concerned with the process as long as it is just below the "maximum level mark".
  7. Famous last words... 😁 Love the white model, very clean looking. πŸ‘
  8. You are correct, the windscreen is the cause of wind noise and buffeting. My brother has a naked bike and when we swap bikes he always complains how loud the wind roar is on mine and I always comment on how smooth and quiet his is... For summer or warmer climates a lot of riders have cut the stock screen down or bought a short sport screen so you still get a clean breeze. I use a modified Puig Touring screen from my previous FZ1, the top lip is about 8" above the instrument gauges, I keep it in its lowest position all year long. I don't have helmet buffeting but there is some wind noise, I counter that with ear plugs and a relatively quiet helmet. I could never do one of the massive barn door sized screens. Good luck.
  9. The battery lays on its side. If you stand the battery upright with the terminals on the right side, spin the battery 180 degrees so the terminals are on the left, now lay the battery on its side with the terminals facing up. πŸ‘
  10. Whats ridiculous is the manual recommending to check and replace the plugs so often. Completely unnecessary. I have never checked or inspected mine, only had them changed when the valves were adjusted at 23k and 44k on my FJ and at 25k and 50k on my previous FZ1, every time the mechanic said that the plugs looked great and did not recommend changing them any sooner. YMMV.
  11. And this route across Washington is amazing! I would include the North Cascades Highway from Burlington to Omak as well, absolutely stunning ! Google Maps
  12. If you have never been to Idaho, Highway 12 over Lolo Pass is essential - Lewiston to Missoula. Or if you are North of Spokane, - Sandpoint to Bonners Ferry to Kootenai Falls to Kalispell will bring you right outside Glacier National Park. Heading South from Spokane, Highway 95 through Grangeville all the way to Boise is very scenic. Out of Boise, Highway 21 through Lowman and Stanley is UNBELIEVABLE! If you have the time while you are in Montana, Beartooth Pass is well worth the trip from Butte. It is considered one of the top 10 rides in the country. We rode Beartooth Pass and then Chief Joseph Highway into Cody, Wy for lunch and then continued across the Bighorn Mountains in the afternoon. - Epic is the only word to describe that route.
  13. Sounds good. I am currently recovering from an injury to my arm, hope to be back on the bike by Spring.
  14. Agreed. On my trip through Utah/Colorado/Wyoming/Idaho this past September we encountered 100F+ in Moab, heavy hail and rain in the Colorado Rockies, torrential monsoon-level rain riding up through Flaming Gorge area into Wyoming and bitter cold freezing fog crossing the Sawtooth Range outside Stanley Idaho. Not being prepared could have definitely ruined the 10-day ride.
  15. I went to a lot of home improvement stores looking for a light gauge mesh sheet and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I finally went to WalMart and bought a kitchen strainer and cut the pieces to fit and painted them bright silver. The side panels can be disassembled with replaceable star washers. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
  16. I am not huge into bling or decorative (carbon fiber or anodized billet aluminum) pieces but I did add a few silver accent stripes just to make it a little unique and add some contrast.
  17. You missed the entire point of my reasoning that I stated previously. If I am currently 3/4 through a set of tires and am leaving on a 3,000 mile road trip, I swap them out for fresh tires, what do I do with the tires that have 1,500 miles left on them? dispose of them. If I had a 2nd set of wheels then I could swap back to the previous wheels for the remaining 1,500 miles of tread life. An extra set of wheels doesnt take up much room, I already have a few sets of tires waiting, why not have them mounted and ready to go on a spare set of wheels?
  18. That sounds AWESOME! Make the most out of the PNW's somewhat limited riding season. πŸ‘
  19. +1 175-185 is my normal, I have hit 200 or above only 3 times.
  20. Out of curiosity, I tried this myself yesterday. Recent snows meant no road testing, just backed out of the garage a few feet with the air temp a few degrees above freezing. I started the bike and immediately set the grips to high, which for my settings was heat level 7 (I have mine set 3/5/7). I ran the bike for close to 10 minutes and the grips never got hot, just comfortably warm - no gloves or grip puppies, just bare hands on the grips. Normally, while riding, I occasionally use medium (lvl 5) with winter gloves and my hands get very warm and I never use the high setting. I'm not sure if there is an ECU setting that limits the heat output at idle or only changes at a certain operating rpm but my grips normally get much warmer than what I experienced while letting the bike idle.
  21. If it wasn't so expensive, I would like to do the same thing. Many times I have used a set of tires to within the last 1,000-1,500 miles of their life and had an upcoming road trip coming in a week or so. Once I have swapped a tire, I don't want to swap an old tire back on just to use the last 1,000 miles of tread, it would be nice to simply swap wheels when the need comes, or have one set of wheels with sport tires and one set with S/T tires.
  22. Motul full synthetic is between $17 and $22 per liter (7100 or 300v?) Changing it with only 2500 miles of use seems foolish to me, kind of expensive to throw it away for no reason.
  23. Very nice, the bike is coming together piece by piece! Bring on the Spring weather! When removing the rotor mount bolts use heat and direct, even pressure. The threads have Loc-Tite and it could be easy to round out the head of the bolt.
  24. @new1709rider - Thank you for getting these parts fixed so they work properly. That looks so much better than anything I could have attempted without the proper tools. πŸ‘