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  1. Regardless of the weight added to the bike, luggage or passenger, the rear wheel distance to the ground will not change while on the center stand.
  2. While on trips I lube my chain every single night when I get to the hotel, so at least every 400-450 miles. Put it on the center stand, lube the chain, wipe off the excess, 1 minute and done. I use the DID VX3 chain and currently have a little over 15k miles on it, no noise or slapping and I don't remember the last time I had to adjust it. Very high quality chain.
  3. @redfjniner - Its been about 20k miles since my 2nd valve inspection, your experience convinced me to get my valves checked slightly ahead of my normal 22k schedule so I booked an appointment this morning, better safe than sorry. I haven't used the 'shock treatment' dosage of the Ring Free but semi-regularly use the 'maintenance dosage', mostly to keep the intake/ throttle bodies clean. Maintenance dosage is 1oz : 10gallons while "recommended" shock treatment dosage is 1-2oz per gallon followed by an oil and filter change. That stuff is really popular in the boating world and haven't heard of any negative issues.
  4. The high frequency buzziness that I feel through the bars and foot pegs is evident while the bike is sitting still idling as well as while underway and is rpm related. At least on my bike, it isn't chain or sprocket related.
  5. Sorry to hear about your motor, I only have about 40K miles less than you. Was there any indication of something starting to malfunction? Here are a few that are currently listed on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234005493957?hash=item367bd078c5:g:BWYAAOSw~XxgmzYD https://www.ebay.com/itm/194220057561?hash=item2d386ae3d9:g:mSsAAOSwxlFg2iGV https://www.ebay.com/itm/312087982424?hash=item48a9e4b158:g:IV0AAOSwMxdaqmH1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/133671124532?fits=Model%3AXSR900|Make%3AYamaha&hash=item1f1f6b7e34:g:j9EAAOSwWelgMYeJ
  6. If I remember correctly, the longer one gets installed on the left side as the motor is wider on that side.
  7. I did exactly that, so much nicer with replacement fasteners - one less tool I need to carry in my tool pack.
  8. He was referring to an imperial gallon which is about 25% more volume than a U.S. gallon.
  9. I clean my air filter about every 5-8k miles (depending on the conditions I have traveled through) - remove all of the plastic panels and turn the tank around backward where the seat would go so I can remove the airbox lid, I don't know that it would be possible to do without having the tank completely out of the way. I replaced all of the airbox screws with hex screws so I can take them off quickly with a socket on a cordless drill.
  10. That sounds terrible. I live in a mountainous region with lots of elevation changes, I wouldn't even be able to use anything close to that gearing without frying my clutch. I have +2T on the rear like @Wintersdark and even with that gearing there were a few instances lately riding up McKenzie Pass in Oregon and Ebbett's Pass in California where I had to use first gear maneuvering through tight, very steep uphill switchbacks.
  11. Coming from someone who uses a GPS on every ride, past and present bikes for over a decade, *my opinion* is that the higher the unit is into your line of sight, the less distracting and easier/safer it is to use . If you are trying to navigate highway interchanges or more complex turn-by-turn directions, you don't want to be constantly glancing down at the bars and then back up to the street. I have used the GPS for many years mounted in both locations and MUCH prefer the higher above the gauge mount. Regardless of how you choose to mount the device, hardwire the unit to the bikes 'key-on' switched 12v aux. circuit, the 12v power port SUCKS.
  12. Perfect point, - no two riders like exactly the same thing, I share your preference on feeling 'in the wind' though. Same difference of opinions applies to suspension settings, some riders want very plush bump absorption while others want a very firm feeling for corner compliance, my preference is about a 40/60 mix of comfort/ compliance.
  13. Funny, just last night my buddy who also owns a 2015 FJ asked me if I was considering adding another bike to the garage. The local Yamaha shop just got a nearly brand new Ducati Hypermotard 939 SP on a trade in, which I consider one of the ultimate hooligan machines. While I am not in the market for a different bike, it definitely stopped me in my tracks and got my mind wandering...
  14. That's really interesting that they would put grease in the wiring portion... 🤷‍♀️ Even the standard throttle housing, w/o heated grips, has no grease inside it. I suppose each mechanic or shop has their own method or thoughts on maintenance, every mechanic I have talked to has told me to never lube the inside of the throttle housing or between the tube and bar, only to lube the inside of the cable itself and some will say that the inside is teflon coated and doesnt require lube as it will attract dirt and debris. I guess that's why we use what method works for us, eh? 👍
  15. My bike didn't come with heated grips, I bought and installed them myself. The instructions have you put a specific 'loop' of wiring inside the housing -no wadding up, and there is no grease used.
  16. Curious, do you wear ear plugs when you ride? I love the short Parabellum flyscreen for the FJ09, we recently did a 2900 mile trip with a few days close to 500 miles, at times we were 90+mph for long stretches with no wind noise issues. Unfortunately they don't make it for the Tracer. http://parabellum.com/FJ-09-Parabellum-Flyscreeen-P125.aspx
  17. While on a recent road trip with a buddy who also owns a 2015 FJ, we swapped bikes and I immediately noticed how light the throttle turn is on his bike. My throttle tube turns smoothly, snaps back like it should and doesn't stick even at full left or right steering lock, it just takes a fair amount of effort to turn, I had just accepted that as normal for this bike (first bike where throttle cable actuates a servo motor). Since there was so much of a difference between the 2 bikes, I decided to investigate. The bikes are identical (as far as motor and fueling, with 2WDW flash) the only difference is mine has the factory heated grips. I took the throttle housing apart and disconnected the cables and checked that the tube rotated freely in the housing. Next step was verifying the cable routing was unobstructed and the outer sheath wasn't pinched, kinked or damaged. I tore the bike down to the throttle bodies, traced the cables all the way to the servo pulley and everything looked good. So short of removing the throttle bodies so I could access the cable pulley and spring (complete PITA) I decided to try some Dri Slide cable lube, popular with mountain bikers for lubing control cables. I filled the cables and worked them back and forth until the lube was flowing out the bottom end and ... WHAT A REVELATION, the throttle rotation was immediately and drastically improved, enough that I could turn the throttle with just my thumb and forefinger where previously it took MUCH more effort. I put the bike back together and went out for a ride and WHOA, A-mode is super psychotic with a light throttle turn, now I understand when others mention A-mode possibly being too jumpy in the twisties - I definitely need to retrain my right wrist, its like riding a different bike now.
  18. We recently did a week-long trip through Oregon and California which (unfortunately) happened to coincide with the heat wave that hit the Northwest. We were riding in 105-110F heat for hours each day, we had the neck wraps or neck gaiters soaked in ice water, which were a life saver.
  19. Ok, now I’m curious. How would anyone alter chain adjustment by removing the wheel? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  20. Reading that makes me SO thankful to live in the Pacific Northwest. 😎
  21. No photos of the crabcakes and cocktails? 🍻
  22. https://sprocketcenter.com/ Their Sprocket Center and Superlite RSX sprockets are excellent, they wear like iron and even after the chain is shot, you really have to inspect carefully to detect any noticeable wear. And you cant go wrong with the DID VX3 chain. I just got these delivered last week.