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Yamaha Demo Day

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Had the opportunity to do my 2nd Yamaha demo today. The first was in maybe 2009 at a buddy's track day. We rode an R6 for a couple of laps at a sedate pace.
Today had more variety. Unfortunately the dealer is in the middle of the city, so only a couple of curves but otherwise a good loop of rough pavement and smooth as well as unofficial highway speeds.
The demos got started a little late but otherwise ran on time. The demo staff was knowledgeable about their bikes. There were 2 FJs, an FJR, a Tenere, 3 R3s, 2 FZ09s, an FZ07, 2 differently configured Star Bolts, a Raider, and another cruiser (some kind of Ultra competitor, I think). The 2 guides did a good job pacing the group as well as bringing it back together when traffic lights separated us. The only downside is that the cruisers wanted to cruise and the FJs and FZs wanted to ride a little more aggressively.
It was good talking with other riders about their experience, especially the guy who currently owns a Tiger 800 (overall he preferred the FJ). About half the riders were ATGATT and a quarter MOTGATT.
I had the chance to ride the FJ (twice with different windscreen heights and with/without luggage), FJR, & FZ07. All nice bikes, but I'm posting to this forum, so it's obvious what I preferred.
If you get the opportunity to do a demo day, definitely take advantage and ride some different bikes. There is zero sales pressure. Most guys showed up, did a lap or two, and left.
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