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Installing CREE (or similar) riding lights...

Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
About to order a pair of these, to complement (in a safety sense) the SKENE items at the rear.
Is it necessary to use a relay with the Cree lights: if so, this electronologically-challenged member would appreciate advice on what type, how to wire-up through a handlebar switch,etc.
Thanks in advance...
Lawrence of Suburbia [em] (‘39 model)
2015 Matte Grey Tracer – now at 1647 km
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No need for relay. The aux power leads are around 10A at 12V (120W). My Cree running lights are 20W total (1.7A). As long as you select a switch rated for 2A (or more) DC, you are fine.
2015 FJ-09, 2016 1290 Super Duke, 2017 150 XC-W (primary ride), 2012 DR650
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
How are you going to mount them? I think I am going to try and buy the Yamaha bracket.
Maybe on the side fairing that extends upwards and backwards from the headlight - it's a carbon-look element. Easy access there to bolt the bracket through and to thread the wires - nicely hidden - through and into the main body of the bike. Should be more effective there too, higher-up than my original thought of using the upper of the two bolts on the lower/ vertical part of the mudguard where it wraps in front of the bottom of the fork: that's possibly a bit too low to be fully effective in nose-to-tail traffic..
Will keep studying it though...
L of S
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