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French safety nazis at it again

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The compulsory breathalyzer thing has been a proper fiasco but this hasn't stopped the French making it mandatory for motorcyclists to carry a hi-viz vest "just in case" from 1st Jan 2016. This brings things in line with regulations that have applied to car drivers for a few years.
News story here in French 
Fines are 11 euros if you get stopped and don't have a hi-viz vest or equivalent on the vehicle. 135 euros if you break down and are not wearing the hi-viz.
There is no requirement to wear hi-viz whilst riding but if you do have a hi-viz jacket then you won't need a separate vest of course.
The vest must carry the CE mark with reflective strips as detailed below
Google translated from http://www.ffmc.asso.fr/spip.php?article4777&lang=fr the definition of a vest is:
According to the decree of 29 September 2008, is considered vest "any garment worn on the upper body, such as jacket, parka, vest, shirt or tunic."
A lack of precision, it should admit that this list is exhaustive and that a simple retro-reflective armband therefore not be enough to satisfy the requirement to hold a vest.
The equipment selected should have a CE mark certifying that he has "one or more judiciously placed devices or means, issuers of direct or reflected visible radiation having a luminous intensity and photometric and colorimetric properties appropriate."
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Only the rider need the hi-viz, maybe I missed something in the (Google) Translation? Common sense would suggest everyone standing on the side of the road would need one, but the article talks only of the driver (rider) having to show they have one.
Which other countries have similar laws of carrying one and the requirement to have it on if stopped/broken down? I don't believe there are any which enforce you wearing one all the time?
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