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Tentative AR/MO ride, July 3-5


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Right now I'm thinking I'll head east to west in AR: Push Mountain Road, 16, 123.  Then I'll head north up into MO and the Mark Twain Forest.
Company would be welcome.  I'll be heading over from Memphis, but I'm happy to meet up anywhere within reason.  I like to have fun, but I still have chicken strips on the FJ.  Will be hoteling it all the way.
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I'll post a ride report separately. Short report - it rained miserably Friday.  Saturday was amazing.  Sunday morning was good followed by a long drone home on freeways in the afternoon.
There are many 100's of miles of excellent roads in the Missouri Ozarks in a triangle roughly bordered by Alton, Fort Leonard Wood, and Cape Girardeau.
Here is a sample:
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