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Zumo XT latch 'keeper'

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Don't know if this has been already mentioned but just thought I'd share for the Zumo XT owners FWIW ....

The Zumo XT wired mount has been criticised in the past for its less than secure latching mechanism.  Or at least the perception of insecurity.

I came across this little 3D print that fits over the latch after the Zumo is mounted.  It denies the depression of the latch accidentally (or purposefully) and it certainly offers another layer of security for the price of a print out.

If it's printed in black the casual thief would think that it is the latch, as it matches the base colour, but wouldn't be able to depress it to release the GPS.

It simply slides onto the latch once the GPS is mounted to 'lock' it into position.

I've printed one and it fits nice and snug over the latch and I haven't been able to depress and release/dislodge the GPS while it's insitu.  Sometimes the simple things are the best.

HTH someone with a ZUMO XT 🙂



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