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Seat Height by Year and Model - Looking for Short

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I currently have a 2018 Triumph Tiger 800 Low but am having some mid back issues and think a more sporty/ forward leaning bike would be more comfortable.  I love the cruise control on the Tiger so it is a requirement but few to no mid size bikes have that.  The tiger low seat height is about 30 inches and desirable for my midget length old legs.  Are any of the tracer 900 models or years shorter than others?  Seat height is listed as 32.5 for the new tracer.  How much lower can you get with a low seat.  I don't really want to give up ground clearance as it is listed as only 5.3".    

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I lowered my 2017 FJ-09 with the Yamaha lowering link and it worked for me. On  my 2019 Niken I used the HyperPro lowering kit and a Top Sellerie lower seat. I'm closer to 29" inseam and the changes made a hugh improvement in my comfort level with about a 2" drop.

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